To set up a ShootMania dedicated server

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Re: To set up a ShootMania dedicated server

Post by orizon87 » 12 Apr 2013, 18:25

Alinoa wrote:Please find below tutorials to help you for setting up ShootMania dedicated servers:
Mania wiki:
another tutorial:
MPAseco website (PHP):
ManiaLive website (PHP 5.3):, forum:
MLEPP (plugins for ManiaLive) website:
DedicatedManager topic (PHP 5.3): ... 61&t=12098
SMAdminTools (Mono C#) topic: ... 61&t=12115
FoxControl (PHP) website:
FAST 4.0 (PHP, TM² only) topic:

Hi guys! 4 Setup COMBO server??? Thx

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