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Re: [Release NOW + Trailer] Realm project

Posted: 09 Jul 2013, 11:43
by Soprah
Big thanks for explaining this big trouble about the respawning when the pole isn't fully captured!
As I said in the first post, criticism is one of the biggests part here in my project!. Pls don't hesitate to give me feedback about the mode ( like Timmeh did ), maps or even the project itself!

Referring to your idea:
It is definitely a good solution, but in my opinion it has it's disadvantages or as murphy said
-murphy- wrote:is maybe too much.
If we change the script as you suggested, it would be easier to capture poles than re-capturing poles. As a result, people only keep capturing new poles instead of defending them.
But it is only a speculation!

We can test your idea of course, but only if this modification doesn't require to create a new mode! My aim is to keep the official mode, but we can change little things if it's extremely necessary.

My alternative solution would be, that we keep this ''respawning on the pole even though the pole doesn't fully belong to them'', but: If a player respawns there, the player respawns with only 1 life!
What do you think of my idea?

However, we can test your idea on the next meeting of course! I'll just kindly ask the masteradmin and he'll do it, if it's doesn't require to create a whole, new mode
Thanks again for your effort timmeh :thumbsup:

Btw, yesterday, I've created a new maniaflash-channel for my project! [Manialink is ''maniaflash?realm''] I'll definitely post more stuff there so you can easily receive information about upcoming events/meetings directly ingame! I don't want to spam this forum everytime when I am announcing about a new meeting where we play on my server. Pls bookmark this channel!
I would really appreciate it :)

Re: [Begin 3rd July + Trailer] Realm project

Posted: 17 Jul 2013, 23:09
by Fabinou38
Why not use ManiaPub for advertising this project? :) :thumbsup:

Re: [Begin 3rd July + Trailer] Realm project

Posted: 18 Jul 2013, 10:09
by Soprah
Fabinou38 wrote:Why not use ManiaPub for advertising this project? :) :thumbsup:
Actually, I am using ManiaFlash for a while and it is quite successful. I just wanna publish some news about upcoming meetings/events and I thought ManiaPub isn't suitable for this?

Re: [Begin 3rd July + Trailer] Realm project

Posted: 18 Jul 2013, 15:08
by crado
If you have any ideas to promote this mode, write them here.

We need players ! :yes:

Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 07 Aug 2013, 23:10
by Soprah
Hey Realm supporters,

I've been thinking quite a long time about this serious decision.. but now it's official:
I want to break this project
The most significant reason why I have chosen to break our realm project is because it does not make fun anymore to work on my project. This project was very time consuming.. to prepare every meeting, be at the meetings, creating maps and so on. After a while, it was more a duty than having fun at it. I don't feel this since some days, no. This feeling came up during the last meetings - back to july I think. And as you can see, it took a long time to think about this decision whether I have to stop or keep going my project. This long period of reflection means, that this project is from importance for me, seriously.. And I thought about all the nice guys who intensively supported my project. That made my decision even harder. Hopefully, you understand me!

But I want to clarify something before people keep thinkin something wrong:
Not having fun anymore does not mean that all the time behind the project was boring and time wasting.. no! It was a really funny time, espescially all the fun when I discussed things with some committed supporters such as Chevron or even when I talked to players who were playing on the Realm-Project-Server!

All behind the project, I am really proud to found some nice friends during the long realm project.
And I have to admit, that this project wasn't very successfull. But I gained experience and maybe, I will start a new project in the future with more power! And If I start any project in the future, I really hope, some supporters of this project will support so much as they did for the realm project!
Who knows, maybe I will do a comeback for this project? :lol:

However, thanks for this beautiful time, and again:
Big thanks for all supporters!

See you soon in the creative world of Maniaplanet! ;)

All the best,

Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 08 Aug 2013, 08:24
by -murphy-
Thanks for your work Soprah. It's kind of disappointing that the mode wasn't more successful.

Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 08 Aug 2013, 08:54
by wawawawu
Goggle translate:
Hello Sorah ...

One can see from your words that you like that is hard. And you have my deep respect. That you have started and pulled through the project. And that you consistently puts a full stop now, and not rumeierst. And do you not think - real friends and people who know how much work that makes a project, you will not be angry. And to the complainers and Klug shi ... benreiniger you can do without!

I personally realm has made a lot of fun, and I had considered to talk a few days ago that a title pack "Realm" may have aroused more attention. But I personally do not know how it all works - I can not program (unfortunately - I would have a lot of ideas ...)

But anyway ... If you start that again, let me know. Or I'll write when torments me an idea ^ ^

I hope we see you ingame


P.S. Incidentally, did you say that you're absolutely right yet! > Community is erverything <
Hallo Sorah...
Man kann aus deinen Worten erkennen, dass Dir das schwergefallen ist. Und Du hast meinen tiefen Respekt. Dafür, dass Du das Projekt gestartet und durchgezogen hast. Und dafür, dass Du jetzt konsequent einen Schlußpunkt setzt, und nicht rumeierst. Und mach Dir keine Gedanken - echte Freunde und Leute, die wissen wieviel Arbeit so ein Projekt macht, werden Dir nicht böse sein. Und auf die Meckerer und Klugschei...benreiniger kannst Du getrost verzichten!
Mir persönlich hat Realm einen Riesenspaß gemacht, und ich hatte mir schon mal vor einigen Tagen überlegt, daß ein titlepack "Realm" eventuell mehr Aufmerksamkeit erregt hätte. Aber ich persönlich weiss gar nicht, wie das alles funktioniert - ich kann nicht programmieren (leider - ich hätt ne Menge Ideen...)
Aber wie auch immer... Solltest Du mal wieder was starten, sag Bescheid. Oder ich schreib Dir, wenn mich eine Idee quält^^
Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns ingame
P.S. Wollte Dir übrigens noch sagen, daß Du absolut Recht hast! >Community is erverything!<

Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 11:23
by Soprah
Thanks murphy & wawawawu,

I'm glad you understand me!


Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 06 May 2014, 20:24
by crado
I think with the release of ManiaPlanet 3, it's the time to play Realm again ! :thumbsup:

Re: [Break] Realm project

Posted: 07 May 2014, 10:23
by Fabinou38
crado wrote:I think with the release of ManaiPlanet 3, it's the time to play Realm again ! :thumbsup:
Oh yes truuuue! +1 :) :thumbsup:

P.S. : ManiaPlanet (not ManaiPlanet) :P