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Re: Hitbox & laser display

Post by TMarc » 23 Jun 2014, 23:09

Thanks novationx :thumbsup:

Some people really don't listen and don't understand. :roll:

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His post above can stay as warning to others not to behave like him.
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Re: Hitbox & laser display

Post by ChillyBilli » 10 Aug 2014, 15:12

To come back to topic =P:

As i wrote in another threat I'm thinking about if making the hitbox visible with a glow or something would make missing or hitting more understandable and rewarding.

The second thing is that I think as simpler the hitbox gets the less luck is involved when hitting someone. I would suggest an ovoid shape. What do you think?

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Re: Hitbox & laser display

Post by novationx » 10 Aug 2014, 15:19

Its gonna look weird man :)
The hitboxes are squares. U really wanna see squares around ur enemies?

And even then... because of the delay between our 2clients & the server its never 100% accurate & people will still complain. Its not a bad suggestion, but its not optimal either.

Just my 2 eurocents.
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Re: Hitbox & laser display

Post by ChillyBilli » 10 Aug 2014, 15:32

It's no solution for the ping between player and server only a bridge between animated skin and hitbox.

Imagine a gamemode where only headshots count with the hittbocks invisible.

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