Paragon League Problem

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Re: Paragon League Problem

Post by HaagseSmurf » 12 Jul 2015, 09:50

hackie wrote:A smurf is a demo account ? LOL.

I agree with Haagse , when I was reading this topic I was thinking about the people who have Smurf in their tag.
I couldn't believe it that such nice and helpfull people were cheaters.
Thx Hackie for these kind words !
arn22433 wrote:Smurf is a secondary account, you may use it cause you don't want to be recognized. Changing the rule to "no demo-account" would kick beginners from the cup which is not what they want :)
So you mean people buy a second account and then cant be recognized ?
To my knowledge all paid accounts can be recognized.
I think this rule is only referring to players who play with a demo-account instead of their own paid account.
And then i think there is the exact point of where this discussion started.

Its really hard to seperate the players who are just beginners and players who use that account as a second account. And just looking at their skill is not fair imo, because some new players on a demo-account have more skill then players on their paid-account.
The only way to avoid this issues is rule out (and yes thats sad indeed) players with a demo-account.

Perhaps NADEO could help us with something to make it not that easy creating DEMO-accounts for excisting players.
When you ban someone on your server for legitimit reasons its now so easy to come back with a demo-account.
And banning ip-adresses wont help either because most players know how to change their ip-adress. We have some bad experiences with a banned player ourselves who keeps coming back with another demo-account.


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Re: Paragon League Problem

Post by kremsy » 12 Jul 2015, 10:28

I think this topic should be closed to avoid too much offtopic discussion^^.
In the rules its not called smurf, its simply called multiaccounting is forbidden, you have to play with your main account. And if your main is banned you obviously not allowed to continue playing with another account.

The point is clear, we did not ban anyone without a serious reason and any proofs. If anyone feels like we made a wrong decision, come to our teamspeak and we are always open to talk about things.

The point is as I stated before, in our Cups is prize money involved, so we need some rules and they need to be forced. If anyone accepts the rules, nobody will ever have problems and everyone is happy, it shouldn't be too hard.

We only want the best for the community and the game!
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