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Suggestion for shootmania

Post by myuuks » 11 Aug 2015, 17:07

Hello everyone, I would like to aware you about some improvements that I think are necessary for the game to make a fresh restart. Improvements you are able not to agree with. (I’m not programmer so I can’t do it alone, otherwise I would have do)

I’m sorry for my English.

I’ll try to give out “my vision of things”. I am going to lean on the games I play/played and some links will be available for those people who never played them so they can understand what I mean. (I don’t want to advertise you about these games!!!)

So the first 3 points are the most important at my opinion as they will allow the game to get players all around the world without changing the gameplay. Gameplay I personally find excellent and most of the haters never tried to understand it.

The welcome

For me, she’s not clear enough. I mean, a beginner may get tired to search where the station he wants is etc. … When I downloaded the game, if I didn’t want to play the game I would have quit it because it was hard finding the way to play my best mode. And by the way, the look is the most important part of a recruiting platform! For example macdo, sandwiches are always big beautiful and look tasty in the picture but we you buy them it looks like they are dried out…
To resolve this problem I thought about League of Legends.
I mean, we shall have only one “Play” button in where we could choose the game we want.
1vs1 : Duel élite
Duel Arena
Etc.... (I don’t know each mode don’t blame me )
2vs2 : Combo
3vs3 : Elite
Elite alternative
Battle pro
4vs4 : I don’t even know if i exists
5vs5 : Siege
CTF (I suppose, never played it)

FUN : Obstacle
Hunger games

I hope you’ve got this, for me, a player who has this in front of his eyes won’t say “Shit, what shall I do, where do I have to go? D:”
Stations can stay, I mean, as long as we didn’t play a mode, we have to download it, but it would be easier! For example, you want to play Duel Elite, you download it and press the button play! You don’t have to find the station, click “enter”, then select your server.

« LoL » screen to embellish with image my idea :

The Matchmaking

90% of Shootmania’s players complain about the Matchmaking, and I will try to explain why (only giving my position!)

Ladder Points: This is not a good ranking system, in every game. It doesn’t remain each player at his right rank. We have some good players who aren’t playing that much having a poor rank, and some players with normal skills or bad skills having the best rank, the 9th echelon, because of their “farming” (playing h24). Plus the points you lose losing a game. I mean, people lose few points, not enough to push them to fight for these! It makes victory being “useless”, and leads to rush, the most hated gameplay ever. To say it differently, players win much points but lose few so the game loose his principal goal, the win leading to a high rank, as players can reach these high rank by putting themselves to Africa or Asia so they don’t lose points and win like 2x more than the other.
How to improve this system: I did a chart, easy and basic one, but it may allow a better ranking of also players and teams.
Let us imagine that every player or team start with 2k points.

Points difference between the two teams/players 0 to 200 points
200 to 400 points 400 to 800 points 800 to 999999 points
Winner when you have less points than the other team/player +20 points +25 points +40 points +50 points
Winner when you have more points than the other team/player +20 points +15 points +5 points +1 point
Looser when you have less points than the other team/player -20 points -15 points -5 points -1 point
Looser when you have more points than the other team/player -20 points -25 points -40 points -50 points

Well it’s only an example but it shows off how it could be and it may be applied.

What about being able to choose “Normal” or “Ranked” game? So a good player with one of his friends having fewer skills or being a beginner can play together without avoiding oozing points or grades in a “Normal” game! It would prevent the game from the smurfs destroying new gamers’ experience.

A way to earn money for you, skin creators and players who likes to have style! “yeye bwabbwa u know ;)
Why don’t you create a monetary system on skins? You could create, even if it’s boring, a basically skin for railgun, rockets, nucleus… then, community could create her own skins, which u could verify and then, players who bought these skins could use them in game, no matter the skin, head, feet, body… The game could be free and you could earn money with that, like LoL and the Riot points. Let’s imagine you deal like Valve, but you take 80% of the skin price for you and you give the rest to the skin creator. That’s fair and you could improve competitions by offering nice cash prices! Everything based on the money from the skins. Also like Dota2. Plus, it would encourage people to take part of the game and try creating skins, so players would pay more attention to the game.
At least, you should keep the option “disable skins” for competition or players who don’t want to see personal skins.

Net code
I’m not that type of guy shooting “I WAS ON HIM, IT SHOULD’VE HIT, SHITTY GAME!” because in 95% of the time, players think they are on the enemies when they shoot but they are wrong because of few pixels.
Hitbox is very well done and maybe too much, that’s not humor. When we see on Quake the hitbox we guess Sm’s one is awesome. (
My opinion about that is that Snapshot system is great during lans. I did many lans and I affirm Sm Is greeeat in lan, everyone has the same ping, everything is great, Snapshot doesn’t have to do a thing.
Problem is that online, ping compensation is sometimes too high, leading to the hitbox problems. I mean, when someone has 5-60 ping, its ok, snapshot is good, but when someone is higher than 70 in ping, snapshot makes the game horrible for everyone, low ping players and high one.
How you shall resolve the problem: Cs:go’mode ? Server redistributes the information in time to the player, depending on his ping. So, a player with lags will be disadvantaged but makes everyone laggy because one guy has a high ping is stupid. Why people with a good connection shall deal with the high ping player problems?

I understood that Sm is a game mostly created with ?diamond? blocks or something geometrical like that. It slows down the computers, so why don’t you erase these blocks so every player no matter his computer can play with a high quality, quite important in FPS.
Same for the maps background, I don’t understand we couldn’t limit it when we create the map, because I suppose it’s not easy for everyone to load it and the background shall take a huge place on their computer performances!
Suggestion: Blocks shall be bigger in the way it would prevent from pixel shots and whine like “I WAS BEHIND THAT ROCK COME ONNNN!” because blocks are too small. We can see it in that way: It would disable luckshots and give more place to the skill on the game. Your choice, at least, it’s not the most important part.

To finish, before it’s post: (and again sorry for my English :D)

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Re: Suggestion for shootmania

Post by plopp » 11 Aug 2015, 17:29

myuuks wrote:Hitbox is very well done and maybe too much, that’s not humor. When we see on Quake the hitbox we guess Sm’s one is awesome. (
I agree ;)

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Re: Suggestion for shootmania

Post by myuuks » 11 Aug 2015, 17:43

plopp wrote:
myuuks wrote:Hitbox is very well done and maybe too much, that’s not humor. When we see on Quake the hitbox we guess Sm’s one is awesome. (
I agree ;)
thoses screens shots are with replays i presume + snaphshot, on shootmania you cant judge on replays ;)

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Re: Suggestion for shootmania

Post by undeeer » 12 Aug 2015, 12:17

agree with what you said, these changes needs to be done

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