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Nadeo server plugin

Post by aprror » 31 Jan 2016, 21:56

When some creates basic dedicated server and it dont have any plugin it feels it lacks something and lacks the official feel of good server.

So I thought about idea if the basic script of any server would include basic plugin made by nadeo, such as records, player stats list, basic map jukebox, map karma and some others, almost like pro plugins but more primitive.

Ofcourse it wouldnt have to be pro style like the user made are, aseco and such, but so that the server would have more official feel to it. Also i dont mean visible boxes that fills out the screen, but some little box at the corner of screen and when you click it it opens list of the stuff you can do or something similar. Primitive but still good enough

But yes, ofcourse its admins responsibility to use plugins but i thought it could make little less difference between amateur and pro servers. Also create feel when player dont play on pro server that he dont feel like hes "just playing" and waiting until the pro server is available to get more from the playing and similar scenarios. So every server would feel good from the beginning

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Re: Nadeo server plugin

Post by lebossnico1001 » 31 Jan 2016, 23:39

Let them already release Turbo, update the game before the GA,we'll see after xD

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Re: Nadeo server plugin

Post by oliverde8 » 05 Feb 2016, 21:29

Well you are talking about Manialive,

Manialive is a server controller done by Nadeo. It's core is just one of the best controller, but it also has a plugin pack done by Nadeo with basic functions. Sadly it never got very popular.
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