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Post by ManuueL » 18 Aug 2012, 00:36

Version: 1.0
Date: 18.08.2012


Shootmania - Dominion is a new game mode, with the playing style of "capture and defend. Dominion games are based on immediate action and continued fighting. Two teams compete in the battle for several distributed towers on the map, so that the opponent will lose points. The gameplay is simple and there is a constant capture, neutralize and defend between the teams.



Capturing, neutralization and defend towers are the central focus of dominion. In dominion, each team starts with the same number of points. The opposing team loses points every few seconds when a team dominates the majority of towers. The corresponding loss of points depends directly related to the respective majority. Have both teams the same number of towers no team looses points. Players can capture towers, by going to the tower. After a short period the goal is transferred to the player's team. Goals controlled by the opponend team have to be neutralized first to capture these goals.

Goal capturing


There are two spawns on a map, one for each team. When a player dies or spawns again, he will always spawn at the spawn of his team.

  • capturing 3 seconds = 1 point
  • hit an enemy = 1 point

  • Capture with more of your team on one goal, so it goes faster
  • Defend your goals and dont run away after the capturing
  • Learn the names of the goals, so you know where you have to run out, if you see in the goal statistic that sth. is beeing captured
  • Teamplay = success
Server with Dominion:



You can find Maps on my Manialink TheStoreSM
Or on ManiaExchange
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Re: Dominion

Post by tcq » 18 Aug 2012, 10:10

Thx for providing this videos, looks like you did a good job here with this mode. Seems promising.

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