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Post by Mika. » 06 Jan 2013, 14:19

Sorry, if i post in the wrong forum. A Moderator may move it into the correct forum, thank you :)


Hello all,

Finally HideAndSeek has been released and I can present you this new gamemode for Shootmania.

With the new features of maniascript we are able to create own gamemodes in Shootmania with a whole automatic system. It is not necessary any longer reminding people changing their team or writing peoples names in the chat when they were caught.

All those problems are over with our new automatic gamemode.

Because of the automation of the gamemode events will be more often, because it is much easier handling such an event.

Hide and Seek is a fun game mode, in which the objective is to find and catch the enemy or to hide yourselves.
In the blue team are the seeker and in the red team are the hider.
If a red player is caught (or he died for any other reason), he will be forced automatically
into the blue team.
When the last red player is left a red countdown will be displayed (default 60sek).
If the red manages to survive these 60 seconds, he gets bonus points.

Aim with your crosshair the button and press "e" to open the second page!.

Fox-Control is modified for the HideAndSeek-gamemode. It is possible to save the points and it is much easier for Admins to manage all players.
There is a special mechanism for the points system.

point system:
for blue:
hit: 1 point + combopoints

for red:
if another red player is caught: 1 point
last red in the team: 5 points
countdown survived: 5 points

If you catch more than one person per round there will be a combo mode.
maximum: 3 points.

1. hit = 1 point + 0 combopoints = 1
2. hit = 1 point + 1 combopoints = 2
3. hit = 1 point + 2 combopoints = 3
4. hit = 1 point + 2 combopoints = 3
5. hit = 1 point + 2 combopoints = 3

How to join:
You can join HideAndSeek via the manialink "joinhs" or via the serverlogin "hideandseek", or with this direct link: maniaplanet://#join=hideandseek@SMStorm

For mapper:
We are glad about every map you build.
Here is a short introduction how to create a HideAndSeek-map:
First download this file: http://www.maniaview.mania-community.de ... Script.txt

Save this file here:

When you open your map editor click the hammer in the menu.
Change the maptype to HideAndSeek with your previously downloaded file.

In the top left corner should be the new gamemode.

Tutorial to create a map with Hide&Seek Script!

Upload your new map to Mania-Exchange so an admin will be able to upload the map on the server.
We also answer questions here http://www.mania-community.de/showthrea ... ShootMania

Greetz from Mika, TomRiddle, Marco and Jens

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