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[MPAseco] Alpha-release: v0.45

Posted: 20 Sep 2012, 09:35
by kremsy
Hello Guys,

today we are going to show you the new MPAseco version 0.45.

Here you can download the alpha release v0.45 of MPAseco:

New installation of v0.45:
To install the actual version (v0.45) just copy the following files from the /install/newinstall folder to the MPAseco root folder:
  • config.xml
next step: copy all files from the /install/newinstall/includes/* folder to the includes folder in the rootfolder.
Then copy the folder /install/newinstall/Scripts to the UserData folder of the dedicated server software.
Afterwards configure config.xml and localdatabase.xml
Last but not least start MPAseco with or MPAseco.bat .

Upgrading from version 0.42:
To upgrade from version 0.42 just copy the files from the install\update_v042-045 folder into your MPAseco folder!

Changes compared to the MPAseco v0.42:
  • severall Bug fixes
  • included and updated to the new gbxdatafetcher module from Xymphh

    Big thanks to Xymph for updating the gbxdatafetcher!

    Best regards,
    kremsy and the MPAseco-Team ;)