[MPAseco] Beta-release: v0.81

MPAseco is a server controller for Shootmania, which provides you with a framework and some standard plugins.

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[MPAseco] Beta-release: v0.81

Post by kremsy » 16 Sep 2013, 18:42

After a longer time a new MPAseco update is released now, it contains many bug fixes and some new additions.

Here you can download the beta release v0.81 of MPAseco:

If you find any bugs or have any requests please post it into the 0.81bugs thread!

New installation of v0.81:

Now the Installation can be mainly done in two Steps:
open configs/config.xml and enter the SuperAdmin Password and the XML Port.

open configs/localdatabase.xml and enter the mysql connection information’s.

If you using a records Mode like Obstacle or TimeTrial go to configs/core/records.xml and activate the record system.

If you want no serverranking, or you use a mode without serverrankings set feature_ranks in configs/plugins/rasp_settings.xml to false

Upgrading from the versions 0.6x/0.7x:
Copy all files from the update/update_v065-081 in your MPAseco Directory!

If you are using a mode like SprintCup just update also the files from the updated_configs into the configs folder.
Note: For all other Modes which are not using a Timebases Pointsystem it is not needed to update the files from the updated_configs folder.

(for Updating from older versions, visit the older threads, the 0.5x-0.80 update also contains all the new files).

Changes compared to the MPAseco v0.75:
  • took some of the newest changes from the latest Xaseco2 release into MPAseco (thanks to Xymph)
  • temporary solved the MapId problem in the communication to the mx api which leaded to problems in the /xlist command
  • improved the admin script-settings panel a lot
  • added kill / death ratio to stats
  • fixed some bugs in linearmode (when auto-load settings is activated)
  • added new chatcommands: mostmisses, mosthits, mostcaptures, mostrespawns, mostshots, mostsurvivals, mostdeaths, mostgothits
  • added autoTags plugin
    --> AutoTag is a plugin that adds tags for the plugins the server is currently running.
    --> See this post: http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic. ... 63&t=21186
    --> to activate the plugin add to the plugins.xml

    Code: Select all

  • fixed and upaded libxmlrpc callbacks
  • improved callbacks BeginMap, EndMap, BeginRound, EndRound, BeginMatch, EndMatch
  • added point-support on records for modes like sprintcup
  • fixed auto-ranking bug in the jfreu plugin
  • fixed bugs in bad-words filter
  • reseted beginroundvar on mapskip
  • bit faster load through a fix in authortimehandling which is not relevant for shootmania
  • small fix on fakeplayer (bot handling)
  • added disconnection reason to PlayerDisconnect()
  • fixed small warning with the command lines
  • fix in the Royal linearmode
We also made some changes in the fufi widgets plugin, ManiacTwister will release them soon.

Special thanks to w1lla who got part of the MPAseco-Team and helped us a lot on the current update.

Short-Update 0.81 fixes the issue in the Royal linear-mode.
Lukas alias Kremsy, Developer of:
ManiaControl: http://www.maniacontrol.com
ParagonLeague: http://league.paragon-esports.com
MPAseco: http://mpaseco.org
ManiaViewer: http://www.maniaviewer.com

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