[PLUGIN] Chat Messages Bot

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[PLUGIN] Chat Messages Bot

Post by Whiler » 21 Nov 2013, 10:48


With our TM²S server (maniaplanet://#join=B-U-G@TMStadium), we are using a plugin which automatically sends predefined messages to all connected players...

I tried to find the same for MPAseco without success...
So, I created my first own plugin, which is based on:
You can download it from here

Like I said, this is my first plugin... so, if you see optimizations, issues, ... do not hesitate to let a comment to this thread ;)



Here is the content of the plugin config file to allow you to btter understand what/how you can setup with it:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

	<!-- Here you can setup the Name who send the messages, supported are all from config.xml <colors> and colorcodes like $FF0 -->
	<cmb_name>{#server}[ Chat Messages Bot {#server}]</cmb_name>

	<!-- Adjust the color of the below messages, supported are all from config.xml <colors> and colorcodes like $FF0 -->

	<!-- Interval in seconds (>10s or your chat will get spammed!) -->
	<!-- Use 'linear' or 'random' -->

		Setup here as many messages you want.
		This Messages are sent to all connected players.
	<!-- Messages. You may use color codes and link formatting -->
		<message>Maecenas ligula magna</message>
		<message>bibendum posuere posuere non</message>
		<message>dictum et ante</message>
		<message>Pellentesque at neque quam</message>
		<message>a accumsan mauris</message>


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