Uploading your own Plugins to the Repository

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Uploading your own Plugins to the Repository

Post by vni » 04 Oct 2012, 08:54


if you want to upload your own plugins to the Repository, so that everyone can directly download and install it via the Plugin-Installer, look how it works:

  • Download the Signature-Creator here http://smarttool.org/sig_creator1.0.zip
  • Get a username and a password by sending a PN to vni
  • Start the Signature-Creator and select your SMART-Rootfolder (It is important that you have a smart-copy on your hd)
  • Enter the following parameters on the right:
    Root-Directory = smart
    Create signature file = checked
    Copy AlwaysInclude-Files = checked
    Signature-Password = smartsig
    Project-Name = Your Plugin-Name (No special characters! Example: My Funny Plugin)
    Project-Version = Your Plugin-Version (example 1.2) NO LETTERS!
    Project-Ident = Your project Ident uppercase, no spaces, no special chars (example: MYFUNNYPLUGIN). This must be unique! If you ever want to update your plugin, use the same Ident
  • Now select all files at the left that belong to your plugin (Double click to add them to the green list)
  • Click "Create and upload ZIP"
  • Leave the filename as it is
  • Click "Yes" to directly upload it
  • Enter "http://smarttool.org/plugins.php" as URL and your username and password
  • Click Start Upload
The Signature-Creator saves the most settings for you, so that you do not have to do this each time.

Always make sure the version number inside your plugin is the same as the one you entered before upload. If not, there will bugs on plugin installation.

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