[SMART] Plugin RuleWatch 1.0

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[SMART] Plugin RuleWatch 1.0

Post by vni » 23 Oct 2012, 18:42

Plugin RuleWatch
This plugins monitors your serversettings and automaticalls detects if the settings meet the Ladder-Rules. If not, the plugin automatically changes the settings.

Note: Not all rules are yet announced. At the end you are responsible for observing the rules. We will give you updates for the config file at this topic, when there are news.

The plugin is disabled by default, so set <enabled>true</enabled> at it's config file.

Installation / Update / Download
- Ingame via /admin plugins
- Manual from http://smarttool.org/plugins.php
SMART - The smarter Servertool for Shootmania
Download SMART at http://smarttool.org
Changelog: here
Frequently Asked Questions: here

IRC: #smart @ QuakeNet (WebChat)

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