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Post by askuri » 04 Nov 2012, 20:09

This plugin helps you coding your plugins. It simulate any triger you want with parameters! This will boost your coding a lot, if you do something with PlayerInfoAvailable or PlayerConnect events. Atm. this Plugin do not support multidimensional arrays.

Usage: type /admin es trigger. A window will appear. Here you can enter some params if you want. If not, leave empty.
Example for params:

Code: Select all

'login' => $login, 'moreparam' => 0
or just 'askuri'

Hint: You can now make reloads of your configs and smart will not completly restart with the onInit trigger. Untested but should work

Please note that this Plugin is made for Plugin Developers. It isn't good designed and is only byproduct of Repumania!
I published this because some other Developers maybe find that helpful.

- Initial Release
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