Is SMART project still alive ?

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Is SMART project still alive ?

Post by niarfman » 16 Feb 2013, 19:25

Hi All,

The last update was on october 2012 and it seems there is no more activity around SMART at this time.

Is it the end of Smart or only a pause, waiting the definitive release of Shootmania ?

Ou clan think Smart is a good server controller, we like to use it ^^
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Re: Is SMART project still alive ?

Post by TMarc » 16 Feb 2013, 22:22

The development was temporarily (?) stopped because there were to many updates of ManiaPlanet, and some other reasons, you better read yourself the messages here. :|
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Re: Is SMART project still alive ?

Post by insomnia-yamyam » 17 Feb 2013, 00:40

niarfman wrote:Is it the end of Smart or only a pause, waiting the definitive release of Shootmania ?
Hi niarfman,

TMarc already gave you the correct link,
but i can give you a little more detailed explanation and statement to the latest status of SMART here:

As you have noticed by yourself, SMART hasn't been updated since over three months and the main developer and "father" of SMART (vni) hasn't been writing here or beeing active here since several months too. So SMART currently is outdated and on status of beta 1, not really compatible with beta 2, beta 3, beta 4, beta 5 or any further beta.

All or at least some of (the important) developers are some kind of disappointed and frustrated by nadeo's work, politics, censorship and behaviour. That's why we, or most of us, currently lost the interest to invest hundreds and thousands of hours of our free time into something which is not been honored or worth it. At least not at the moment.

And as long as nadeo is keep doing what they are doing (or better what they are not doing) and won't listen to the community, players and controller developers, i don't think SMART will be continued to be developed. Just one of a dozens of examples: Most server controller developers, not only us, are asking nadeo for months, nearly years, to finally implement XPC-Callbacks into their (shootmania)scripts so this would relieve a lot of work to us on every single patch or new beta. And many more points...

But i can just talk for myself and this is my personal opinion. And as long as vni (programer of SMART) won't say or write something else, i know that he is pretty similar to my opinion as we just talked about this some days ago.

We know of course that this is not what you all want to hear or read and we know also that SMART became very popular and maybe the most used shootmania server controller in just a few months since we published it for all, but we also hope that you all can understand how much work SMART already took and that we can't support nadeo's politics and behaviour anymore until they have changed a lot of things and their attitude to some important points.

I do not want to raise false hopes, but if nadeo is changing and if nadeo will finally release shootmania sometime in the future and stop this "patchmania", then SMART may be continued. But i can't and i won't promise!

So currently it is your free choice to use the three months old SMART 0.5.1 version, which has been compatible with beta 1 and may not work completly with the current beta 3, or to change to one of the other great server controllers.

I am really sorry that i have not better news or informations for you at the moment. :(

But we all just can hope that nadeo is making thinks much better in future and listen to the community and the important supporters/programers again ... in the interest of TM2 and SM, which are very great games we all love, and also in the interest of increasing player amounts and the future of SMART!

Maybe vni will tell us his sight of things about SMART sometime,
as the above points are only my opinions and reasons why i have stoped the development/support of SMART.
I am just looking into this SMART board sometimes so that if someone writes or asks something, he at least get an/one answer.

The King (SMART) is dead, long live the King (SMART)! :D

SMART is some awesome piece of software and (in my eyes)
has been the best server controller for shootmania.

I do love SMART a lot!
Not without reason i had run about six own shootmania servers and invested hundreds of time of work into SMART. So you can believe that also my heart is "bleeding".

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Re: Is SMART project still alive ?

Post by niarfman » 17 Feb 2013, 12:41

Hi Yamyam,

As I see, your's and vni's opinion is the same than 3 month ago...

I can understand about the personal time spent with the feeling that was partially useless. I am a developper too. Not as efficient as Vni but I manage ^^.
I know how frustrating it can be to see the most of our work stopping working fine due to external reasons. And as you said this job is done in the free time. We can spent it for other thinks than always recreate what has already been created...

But Nadeo already told about the beta stage. Nothing is really fixed since the final release.

Vni and others implicated on Smart has done, for me, a great job with maybe too many features by default, but a very easy and powerful tool to use. But maybe these efforts have been made too early.

Hope you (and vni) will retry to improve Smart as soon as the release will be out :3
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