Ingame Commands dont work!

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Ingame Commands dont work!

Post by sinthoman » 28 Apr 2013, 16:42

Hi everybody

I recently set up a dedicated Server.
I installed Smart, and there is a problem with the ingame chatcommands like /admin help etc - they dont work!.


Also there seems to be a problem with the Global-Elo, it says it has no serverlogin provided, but in the smarth file there is everything.

I have also no idea how i could give the admin rights to other players.

Can anyone help me please?

PS: i followed this guide: ... stallation

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Re: Ingame Commands dont work!

Post by askuri » 01 May 2013, 08:37

Do the Manialinkpage answers work? To try this, just on the topleft map widget. There should popup a window wth all maps. the new free hoster for your custom content

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Re: Ingame Commands dont work!

Post by sinthoman » 01 May 2013, 22:05

Yes the manialink works.. but no map widget?
This is my Smart.log.. Everything was loaded but i see no widgets!

Code: Select all

[BO:OT] Parsing Configuration File config.xml
[00:01] Operating System Linux (LINUX)
[00:01] Killing old instance 7889
kill: 1: No such process

[00:01] Creating PID-File...
[00:01] Parsing Dedicated Configuration...
[00:01] ********************************
[00:01] * SMART v0.5.1 Build 1 Date 2012-11-01
[00:01] * by vni                       
[00:01] *  
[00:01] ********************************
[00:01] Permissions are writable. Ok.
[00:01] Connecting to the Database-Server
[00:01] Connection established successfully.
[00:01] Loading file plugin.jukebox.php
[00:01] Plugin JukeBox (JUKEBOX) v1.8 registered (plugin.jukebox.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.specswitch.php
[00:01] Plugin SpecSwitch (SPECSWITCH) v1.1 registered (plugin.specswitch.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.payforreplay.php
[00:01] Plugin PayForReplay (PAYFORREPLAY) v1.4 registered (plugin.payforreplay.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.push.php
[00:01] Plugin Push (PUSH) v1.0 registered (plugin.push.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.adminpanel.php
[00:01] Plugin AdminPanel (ADMINPANEL) v1.8 registered (plugin.adminpanel.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.serverstats.php
[00:01] Plugin ServerStats (SERVERSTATS) v1.1 registered (plugin.serverstats.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.udpstate.php
[00:01] Plugin UdpState (UDPSTATE) v1.0 registered (plugin.udpstate.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.toplists.php
[00:01] Plugin TopLists (TOPLISTS) v1.2 registered (plugin.toplists.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.soundbox.php
[00:01] Plugin SoundBox (SOUNDBOX) v1.0 registered (plugin.soundbox.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.messagebot.php
[00:01] Plugin MessageBot (MESSAGEBOT) v1.4 registered (plugin.messagebot.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.privatemessages.php
[00:01] Plugin Private Messages (PRIVATEMESSAGES) v1.1 registered (plugin.privatemessages.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.donate.php
[00:01] Plugin Donate (DONATE) v1.3 registered (plugin.donate.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.custommanialink.php
[00:01] Plugin Custom-ManiaLink (CUSTOMMANIALINK) v1.2 registered (plugin.custommanialink.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.advancedtriggers.php
[00:01] Plugin AdvancedTriggers (ADVANCEDTRIGGERS) v1.5 registered (plugin.advancedtriggers.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.elo.php
[00:01] Plugin Global ELO-Rating (ELO) v1.4 registered (plugin.elo.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.plugininstaller.php
[00:01] Plugin Plugin-Installer (PLUGININSTALLER) v2.2 registered (plugin.plugininstaller.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.partyline.php
[00:01] Plugin Partyline (PARTYLINE) v1.0 registered (plugin.partyline.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.scriptsettings.php
[00:01] Plugin ScriptSettings (SCRIPTSETTINGS) v1.0 registered (plugin.scriptsettings.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.permissions.php
[00:01] Plugin Permissions (PERMISSIONS) v1.1 registered (plugin.permissions.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.pluginswitcher.php
[00:01] Plugin Plugin-Switcher (PLUGINSWITCHER) v1.0 registered (plugin.pluginswitcher.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.sounds.php
[00:01] Plugin Sounds (SOUNDS) v1.3 registered (plugin.sounds.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.console.php
[00:01] Plugin Console (CONSOLE) v1.0 registered (plugin.console.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.idlekick.php
[00:01] Plugin Idle-Kick (IDLEKICK) v1.6 registered (plugin.idlekick.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.welcomewindow.php
[00:01] Plugin WelcomeWindow (WELCOMEWINDOW) v1.4 registered (plugin.welcomewindow.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.dynamicpointlimit.php
[00:01] Plugin Dynamic Pointlimit (DYNAMICPOINTLIMIT) v1.1 registered (plugin.dynamicpointlimit.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.webpush.php
[00:01] Plugin WebPush (WEBPUSH) v1.0 registered (plugin.webpush.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.serverlink.php
[00:01] Plugin Serverlink (SERVERLINK) v1.2 registered (plugin.serverlink.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.texttriggers.php
[00:01] Plugin TextTriggers (TEXTTRIGGERS) v1.2 registered (plugin.texttriggers.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.alternatescoreboard.php
[00:01] Plugin AlternateScoreBoard (ALTERNATESCOREBOARD) v2.2 registered (plugin.alternatescoreboard.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.rulewatch.php
[00:01] Plugin RuleWatch (RULEWATCH) v1.0 registered (plugin.rulewatch.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.planetawarding.php
[00:01] Plugin PlanetAwarding (PLANETAWARDING) v1.5 registered (plugin.planetawarding.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.chatmessages.php
[00:01] Plugin ChatMessages (CHATMESSAGES) v1.6 registered (plugin.chatmessages.php).
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.chatmessages.xml
[00:01] Loading file plugin.memoryusage.php
[00:01] Plugin MemoryUsage (MEMORYUSAGE) v1.2 registered (plugin.memoryusage.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.liverankings.php
[00:01] Plugin LiveRankings (LIVERANKINGS) v2.3 registered (plugin.liverankings.php).
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.liverankings.xml
[00:01] Loading file plugin.widgets.php
[00:01] Plugin Widgets (WIDGETS) v1.7 registered (plugin.widgets.php).
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.widgets.xml
[00:01] Loading file plugin.ircbot.php
[00:01] Plugin IRC-Bot (IRCBOT) v1.0 registered (plugin.ircbot.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.playerlist.php
[00:01] Plugin Playerlist (PLAYERLIST) v2.0 registered (plugin.playerlist.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.automodesettings.php
[00:01] Plugin AutoModeSettings (AUTOMODESETTINGS) v1.3 registered (plugin.automodesettings.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.karma.php
[00:01] Plugin Karma (KARMA) v1.7 registered (plugin.karma.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.mappackdownloader.php
[00:01] Plugin Map-Pack-Downloader (MAPPACKDOWNLOADER) v1.2 registered (plugin.mappackdownloader.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.restartserver.php
[00:01] Plugin RestartServer (RESTARTSERVER) v1.2 registered (plugin.restartserver.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.spectatorqueue.php
[00:01] Plugin SpectatorQueue (SPECTATORQUEUE) v1.1 registered (plugin.spectatorqueue.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.chatcommands.php
[00:01] Plugin ChatCommands (CHATCOMMANDS) v2.9 registered (plugin.chatcommands.php).
[00:01] Loading file
[00:01] Plugin Hosting (HOSTING) v1.0 registered (
[00:01] Loading file plugin.matchmode.php
[00:01] Plugin MatchMode (MATCHMODE) v1.1 registered (plugin.matchmode.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.chatcontrol.php
[00:01] Plugin ChatControl (CHATCONTROL) v1.7 registered (plugin.chatcontrol.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.database.php
[00:01] Plugin Database (DATABASE) v2.7 registered (plugin.database.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.teamspeak.php
[00:01] Plugin Teamspeak (TEAMSPEAK) v1.3 registered (plugin.teamspeak.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.bookkeeping.php
[00:01] Plugin BookKeeping (BOOKKEEPING) v1.2 registered (plugin.bookkeeping.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.hotkeys.php
[00:01] Plugin HotKeys (HOTKEYS) v1.1 registered (plugin.hotkeys.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.togglewidgets.php
[00:01] Plugin Toggle-Widgets (TOGGLEWIDGETS) v1.3 registered (plugin.togglewidgets.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.infowidget.php
[00:01] Plugin Info-Widget (INFOWIDGET) v1.3 registered (plugin.infowidget.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.loadscreen.php
[00:01] Plugin LoadScreen (LOADSCREEN) v1.6 registered (plugin.loadscreen.php).
[00:01] Loading file plugin.tmxinfo.php
[00:01] Plugin tmxinfo (TMXINFO) v1.1.2 registered (plugin.tmxinfo.php).
[00:01] Connecting to Dedicated Server on 46.38.x.x:x SuperAdmin - XXXXXXXXX
[00:01] Connection to GameServer successful.
[00:01] GameServer is ready. Continue...
[00:01] Dedicated Version: ManiaPlanet SMStorm 3.3.0 2013-04-12-18_00 2012-06-19
[00:01] Game: SM
[00:01] Current Scriptname: Melee.Script.txt
[00:01] /opt/maniaplanet-server/UserData/Maps/
[00:01] Connection successfully established.
[00:01] Plugin Permissions loaded!
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File permissions.xml
[00:01] Adding SuperAdmin sintho
[00:01] ### Start Plugin Initialization ###
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.jukebox.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.specswitch.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.payforreplay.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.push.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.adminpanel.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.serverstats.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.toplists.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.soundbox.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.messagebot.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.donate.xml
[00:01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[00:01] DONATION ERROR: You must set a validation key at the dedicated_cfg.txt to receive donations on your server. Plugin disabled.
[00:01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[00:01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[00:01] DONATION WARNING: Low Planets (41)! You need planets on the serveraccount to pay the transaction fees. Send an ingame message to  and attach around 50 planets.
[00:01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.custommanialink.xml
[00:01] Loading File custommanialink.duringgame.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: Registering Trigger LoadScreenHidden for custommanialink.duringgame.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: MLID=223459
[00:01] Loading File custommanialink.scoreboard1.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: Registering Trigger LoadScreenVisible1 for custommanialink.scoreboard1.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: MLID=223460
[00:01] Loading File custommanialink.scoreboard2.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: Registering Trigger LoadScreenVisible2 for custommanialink.scoreboard2.xml
[00:01] Custommanialink: MLID=223461
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.elo.xml
[00:01] PARTYLINE: Listening for identifier 26304
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.sounds.xml
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event SerialHitA
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event SerialHitB
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event SerialHitC
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event SerialHitD
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event BeginRoundScript
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event onInitComplete
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event SuperAdminConnect
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event OperatorConnect
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event AdminConnect
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event AdminAutoTeamBalance
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event AdminRestartMap
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event AdminSkipMap
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event LoadScreenVisible1
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event PlayerIdleKicked
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event FirstDeath
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalOffZoneActivatedByPlayer
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalOffZoneActivatedAutomatically
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event JukeBoxMapAdded
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalPoleActivation90
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalPoleActivation90
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalPoleActivation30
[00:01] Sounds: Registering Event RoyalPoleActivation10
[00:01] Sounds: Preloading...
[00:01] Sound preloading for all connected players
[00:01] Sounds: Done.
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.idlekick.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.welcomewindow.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.dynamicpointlimit.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.webpush.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.serverlink.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.texttriggers.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.alternatescoreboard.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.rulewatch.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.planetawarding.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.memoryusage.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.ircbot.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.automodesettings.xml
[00:01] Parsing Configuration File plugin.karma.xml
[00:01] Loading File plugin.karma.custommanialink.xml
[00:01] Karma-Plugin: Trying automatic detection of ISO-Code for 
[00:01] ERROR Karma-Plugin: The automatic detection of your Server-Location failed. Enter the <alternative_iso_code> at the file config/plugin.karma.xml

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Re: Ingame Commands dont work!

Post by insomnia-yamyam » 03 May 2013, 20:44

Please read: ... 29#p144160 :!:

I recommend to use another server controler, which is alive and updated.
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Re: Ingame Commands dont work!

Post by zombare » 03 May 2013, 23:07

Code: Select all

[00:01] Karma-Plugin: Trying automatic detection of ISO-Code for
[00:01] ERROR Karma-Plugin: The automatic detection of your Server-Location failed. Enter the <alternative_iso_code> at the file config/plugin.karma.xml
if i remember right when this error came it stops loading some other plugins too.
To fix this: Edit config\plugin.karma file and set shortened country name to this part:

like france = FRA, and it should be: <alternative_iso_code>FRA</alternative_iso_code>

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