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Rules for the servers that are running highest ladder matches

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by psychodad » 26 Mar 2013, 01:41

Akbalder wrote:Will you let us set the lower LP limit of our servers at the same time? :)

like if we have an 80k server, can the lower limit be 10k or 20K? (referring to Stadium 2 btw). and with 40000 planets on the line, don't want to make any mistakes.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by nocturne » 26 Mar 2013, 14:43

The biggest problem with 100k.. If we all paid for the game, what gives one community any more right to run a 100k server than any other?

Back in tmn and into the start of tmf, LR was by far the most popular tm server/community in the whole world, yet we weren't 'granted' the ability to run a 100k server. Come to think of it, were there any 100k servers at all in the USA? Though, the ridiculous time restrictions made it pointless -- we'd all have to login in the middle of the night to race.

Current system may be better than the boost ladder of tmn, but it's still far from perfect..

And seriously.. what's the problem with losing points..? Seems like the more obvious solution than just making it insufferably hard to earn them.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Hylis » 26 Mar 2013, 16:57

This 0 lower level is an experiment. So, I can not say it will stay and I can not say it is better. If we have done it in another way before, it was to avoid the trouble of highly ranked players to have to ask lower leveled player to leave since they would not win points against them, but lower level ones would win points against them, to make it simple.

Some players are for it, some against. I would rather wait and see. We have done the other way before. We have done with loss of points even before. So, now let's see this way and adapt.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Zooz » 26 Mar 2013, 21:49

Does the official dedicated server have a loserkick function already? In that case, I think it can be managed - some low rank terrible players could join, but would be kicked out if the server fills up and they lose to the better ranked players.

Otherwise, well, go make an official loserkick function :P
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by nocturne » 28 Mar 2013, 10:58

If a lower ranked player just can't compete, that's one thing.. No reason for them to stick around if they can't -- no sense finishing last every round for zero points, unless just racing for fun.

But if they can.. why stop them from raking in the loads of points they are entitled to for beating weaker, yet higher ranked, opponents?

Zooz's point makes some sense though.. perhaps when ML is finally fixed up a bit, the autoqueue plugin could serve as a requirement for high-ranked servers (90k and up).

I'd rather we just not keep 'experimenting' with outlandish concepts of a ranking system, and just stick with the obvious simplest solution (which has been proven on a great many blockbuster game releases). You win (vs better ranked players) -- gain points. You lose (vs worse ranked players) -- lose points. It really can be that easy..

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by nocturne » 28 Mar 2013, 11:02

On another note.. how exactly do I get my TMStadium server to show it's 60k ranking..? Already paid my dues (10k planets). I haven't seen any mention of cfg settings, though added in the ranking settings in tmf fashion to no avail.

Not like I'm worried about anybody hitting 50k quite yet.. but better safe than sorry.

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by Pesky » 28 Mar 2013, 12:15

in server cfg add this

Code: Select all


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Re: Questions and answers

Post by nocturne » 29 Mar 2013, 05:02

As I said, already added the cfg settings in tmf fashion.. despite absolutely no mention of it in Nadeo's 'wealth' of documentation. In the <server_options> section, right?

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Re: Questions and answers

Post by TMarc » 29 Mar 2013, 11:19

please search for 60k configuration issue, as this was asked many times already.
There is no "TMF fashion" anymore.
Please make sure you select the correct game in the player page, there is a dropdown where you have to add your ladder server, and most people overlooked that dropdown. :?
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Re: Questions and answers

Post by hackie » 29 Mar 2013, 16:20

I made a misstake too with that.
If you make an 60K ladder server , on youre player page , ( costs 10K ) be sure that you make it for stadium.

Above the letters you see : Current title: TrackMania Canyon

Make there the choice, Stadium.

I did not see that first and made a canyon ladder for stadium.
So my server did not show 60K also , but 50 K
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