Permissions of the Ladder moderators on RoC-servers

Rules for the servers that are running highest ladder matches

Moderators: w1lla, TheM, le-professionel, sbone, laurens92, NADEO

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Permissions of the Ladder moderators on RoC-servers

Post by TheM » 12 Apr 2013, 21:07

Because people keep asking about the permissions Ladder moderators (so the supporting players) have, I'll post a list with the permissions we have (on RoC-servers, but also on the other ranked servers):
  • Validate the mappacks sent in to us, to check if they are suitable for RoC usage
  • Warn the serverowner, because of:
  • Removal of serverlimits, because of:
    • having been warned already
    • not allowing 80-90k players to play
    • having more than 8 players / 16 spectators
    • unauthorised maps on the server
    • having more than 14 maps on the server
    • running the server in a different mode than Rounds
    • having a password set
The serverrotation CANNOT be changed by the Ladder moderators and has to be changed by Cerovan or Alinoa. Don't ask us about this rotation!
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Re: Permissions of the Ladder moderators on RoC-servers

Post by Alinoa » 03 Jun 2014, 11:42

Alinoa wrote:Thank you for your message ( ... 59&t=18521) Onkelz_chris :)

For your information, the ladder servers are moderated by NADEO members (Cerovan and Alinoa) and players.
Below, you'll find a list of players who are part of the Ladder Servers Moderationteam:
-Jonthekiller (maniaplanet login: jonthekiller)
-Chris92 (maniaplanet login: onkelz_chris)
-TheM (maniaplanet login: them)
-W1lla (maniaplanet login: w1lla)
-Laurens92 (maniaplanet login: laupowa92)
-Le-professionel (maniaplanet login: lethal_me)
-sbone (maniaplanet login: sbone)

When servers don't respect ladder rules, ladder moderators can decide to:
-directly downgrade the server limits and then send an ingame message to inform players why their server has been invalidated.
-only send a warning by ingame message.
It depends on which rules are not respected.

Check out this topic to see which permissions the moderators have when it comes to RoC-servers.

Players kindly accepted to moderate the ladder servers.
Thanks all for doing this and thanks you to give them a warm welcome :thx:
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