Royal ladder

Rules for the servers that are running highest ladder matches

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Re: Royal ladder

Post by niarfman » 02 May 2014, 12:09

Alinoa wrote:So the main issue is when having less than 5 players on the server if I understand well your post.
The rule of the points limit for 90k and 100k can be same and we can specify that under 5 players, the points limit is always 50.
Exact it sounds good

Sometimes 50 for 5 players is short but it's far beyter than 200
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Re: Royal ladder

Post by MrA » 18 Sep 2014, 06:22

is dynamic points limit possible in the regular script settings? or does it need a plugin to do it?
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Re: Royal ladder

Post by HaagseSmurf » 18 Sep 2014, 07:31

A dynamic Pointlimiter is included in
1) MPaseco, check for more details,
2) As a plugin in Maniacontrol, check

Hope i was helpfull for you MrA, see you online ;)


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Re: Royal ladder

Post by MrA » 18 Sep 2014, 13:50

Thanks Haagse, it was helpful, unfortunately I don't use either of those controllers so far.

Would be nicer if it was a standard option in the modes settings, as its quite important for the smooth running of the mode, all servers would be able to default to it rather than rely on specific controllers.
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Re: Royal ladder

Post by w1lla » 18 Sep 2014, 13:56

I know for a fact that in Royal Roulette script that Weerwolf made a dynamic pointlimit is coded inside the script which checks for x players and makes a pointlimit so a plugin doesnt need to be used.

Not sure how he managed to do it.
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