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[TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 13 Sep 2013, 12:01
by Alinoa
Here is the list of the current 0k/100k server of TM² Stadium (until September 2019 included), running on Sundays between 15:00 and 18:00 GMT.

To find them easily, you have just to enter the server login into the ingame servers browser:
  • nrl100k
Good Luck and have fun :pil

Re: [TM²Stadium]Current ROC servers rotation[100k]

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 11:47
by Alinoa
Waiting list

Hi all :)

To Apply for a TM² Stadium 80k/100k server

To apply for a RoC you can send me a private message through the forum or email at:

To be added on the waiting list, you have to send me this information:
  • Your ManiaPlanet login
  • The server ManiaPlanet login
  • The mail of the admin of the server
  • A link to a mappack of the tracks to be validated (14 tracks maximum)
You’ll receive an email to confirm your insertion on the waiting list or asking you more information.

Please read the rules to follow for running a ROC server:
Cerovan wrote:Due to misunderstanding on several points for the RoC servers, I have created this thread to explain the rules and expectations for this server type.

The common rules are pretty simples:
  • Servers must be validated by Nadeo
  • They must be in “rounds” mode (instead of “Time Attack” for example)
  • Only challenging tracks will be validated (for example, a track with a difficulty between C and D if you wish a comparison with the Canyon campaign)
  • Exactly 8 players
  • Exactly 16 spectators
  • The server will be in 80K-100K between 15h and 18h GMT
  • The server must be public (no password)
  • The tracks length is 45 seconds minimum in Gold time
  • It must use a compulsory rotation of players (i.e. use a autoqueue plugin)
  • You can use 14 tracks maximum at the same time in the tracklist
  • There must be no guestlist.
  • Customized tracks (with custom blocks) are not authorized
  • Mixmaps with the ingame editor is allowed
  • Ban players is not authorized (except for legal reasons, i.e : incitement to racial hatred, sexual content, etc.).
  • Every players above 80K LP are authorized to play on RoC servers. Limits must be on 80-100K LP.
The current rotation for RoC servers is listed here :

Every admin who doesn't respect the rules can lose the authorization to run a RoC and may lose it permanently.

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 11:54
by Alinoa
-ESL PassionHostile
-ESL OtherSide
-ESL can't hold us #
-ESL French Touch
-Tech Emumu
-ESL Pandora
-ESL - Together We are < 3
-ESL Green tea
-ESL Hard Pink
-ESL Canson
-ESL Carrots at pool
-Is there a time
-Heartbreak hill
-Speedy OffRoad TM²
-BWM Sechszylinder TM²
-Dirt Land
-Dirty Citynights TM²
-Dirty Cross-rings TM²
-Dirty Playground TM²
-Little Dirty TM²
-Happy birthday, Rose®
-The other Side

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 11:56
by Alinoa
Validated tracks
-MfG-Lucker wrote:Here is the Trackpack for our Kacklappen RoC Server TM2 Stadium
nearly 6mb

Tech Nicker
Peak Performance
Urban Jungle V.2_xT
A Hot Summers Day
Blue and white
Light Slide
Noobs must die
pinky dreams
Technical Revolution
The Resurrection

Not in Mapcycle
Pride And Glory
marci_lilai wrote:Here is the Trackpack for our Best of Tech 100k RoC Server TM2 Stadium :thumbsup: Tribute to Forsaken PER-Lima Iron Maiden Hand joB For Kendal Devastating Slides ESL-Hockolicious

Urban Jungle V.2¬xT.
The Resurrection
Light Slide

Cheere, Marco but my nick Bobby :pil :pil :pil
goenisch wrote:This will be the Mappack forInsan!ty.RoC 100k ... ght-shores

I added 5 tracks, that have already been validated: ... 38448#auto - Tribute to Forsaken ... 36547#auto - Iron Maiden ... 33559#auto - Silence ... 59400#auto - hand Job ... 94281#auto - Devastating Slides

All in all 12 easy-mid tracks, good luck!

Have fun on my server :)
ToYET wrote:This will be the Mappack for »ToY«Dirt RoC .

Outer Rim I
Outer Rim II
Outer Rim III
Dirt Land 2
Playing in the Dirt TM²
Alien Return TM²
Bonanza Ralley TM²
Dark Diamond TM²
Tequila Ranch TM²
Space Cowboy
Finnish Winter *

HF and GL at our new ToY RoC Server :thumbsup: :clap:
* = This Track is not available on MX, because it is an old TMUF Track. So i post here a Link to my Rootserver for Download.
killer606 wrote:»кıllєя« яσ¢ 100k Stadium


///Pride And Glory
The Resurrection
Light Slide
ESL - Canson
Freaky Tricky
jiben83 wrote:Hi All !

Server : ρυІѕе. Dirt ROC 100K

Maps :
  • DLA ן снασѕ тнєσяу By Deejay : Link
  • SLIP V Debase By Efkat : Link
  • ESL - םєαтн ву яσвσт By Deejay : Link
  • ESL - ψ New Mexico ψ by Dulf : Link
  • NDC - Aftershock ! By Deejay : Link
  • NDC - Jtresk By Chuck : Link
  • NDC - ContacT By Speedevolution : Link
  • ESL - bringer of light By Pantseri : Link
  • SuN Bladers By Rocket83 : Link
  • VL#10 - RocJay By Rocket & Deejay : Link
  • superhero By Nair : Link
  • куσтσ by Deejay : Link
  • VL#11 - кιםנєтт' By Kidjett : Link
The pack map Can be DL HERE =>
zastas wrote:Hi all

server : RoC 100k des Barjots !

Maps :

the pack maps :

Good Luck and Have Fun :thumbsup:
perre wrote:oii,

[ download ] [ mx page ] - mappack for wotserver » 100k roc

server is located ' world / europe / belgium / antwerp '
serverlogin = rocserver

[ download ] [ mx page ] - devastating slides
[ download ] [ mx page ] - diggy's tech
[ download ] [ mx page ] - great.ipm
[ download ] [ mx page ] - iron maiden
[ download ] [ mx page ] - light slide
[ download ] [ mx page ] - like a chiken'
[ download ] [ mx page ] - perdita durango
[ download ] [ mx page ] - skill comes in you?
[ download ] [ mx page ] - skylight shores
[ download ] [ mx page ] - the resurrection

waste of time ( aka perre / perre.vl )

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 01 Jul 2014, 16:05
by zastas

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 03 Jul 2014, 19:47
by ToYET

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 04 Jul 2014, 07:08
by lasdecoeurcamstubbytv

First Alinoa, i supposed you put nicknames login and not servers login ? Is it normal or maybe a mistake ?

In second, i see goeney, is the goeney from goe-server which is down since 1 or 2 month ? I hope you don't put again a server wich is not holding by his owner for roc, that will be so sad and so useless, i'm sure ther's others servers to put instead it :)


Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 04 Jul 2014, 08:40
by Alinoa
I edited the list and thank you for your report :)

Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 06 Jul 2014, 16:38
by perre
2014 07 06 .. seems like only toy dirt is 100k
most players are switching servers now for 37 minutes...

what's wrong ?

kacklappen is 90k
nascar is 90k
tnd is offline
that other dirt server is 90k

someone can explain ?
and what with the weekly penalty ?
this ain't fun anymore


Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers

Posted: 06 Jul 2014, 16:43
by sm11e
What is going on? Only one roc server working, others are still 90k. So instead of making some points I'll probably lose some due to points reduction tomorrow. Well done, well done.