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[Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 13 Dec 2013, 18:08
by Alinoa

Here is the list of the 0/ 100 000 Ladder Points servers on Storm (Battle and Siege) currently running:



To apply for a Storm 0/100k server, please read the following thread and then send me your request by private message.

Re: [Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 11:35
by Alinoa
Waiting list
Alinoa wrote:Hi all :)

To Apply for a ShootMania Storm 0/100k server

You can send me a private message through the forum or email at:

To be added on the waiting list, you have to send me this information:
  • Your ManiaPlanet login
  • The server ManiaPlanet login
  • The mail of the admin of the server
  • A link to a mappack of the tracks to be validated (10 tracks maximum)
You’ll receive an email or private message to confirm your insertion on the waiting list or asking you more information.

Please read the rules to follow for running a 0/100k Storm server:

The common rules are pretty simple:
  • Servers must be validated by Nadeo
  • 0-100000 ladder points
  • Game Mods accepted: only Battle and Siege
  • Maximum 12 players
  • The server must be public (no password)
  • No lol map and the maps number must be <= 10
  • There must be no guestlist
  • Mixmaps and customized tracks (with custom blocks) are not authorized
  • Ban players is not authorized (except for legal reasons, i.e : incitement to racial hatred, sexual content, etc.).
Every admin who doesn't respect the rules can lose the authorization to run a 0/100k Storm servers and may lose it permanently.

Re: [Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 11:38
by Alinoa
Validated maps
weerwolf wrote:Hi all

Siege 100K:
Server login:


Download Mappack: ...


The server is equipped with MPaseco 0.83 and IRC plugin for out of game management

Battle 100K:
Server login:

Battle - AroundTheCorner.Map.Gbx
Battle - Black White.Map.Gbx
Battle - CrossFire.Map.Gbx
Battle - HappyValley.Map.Gbx
Battle - IceMania.Map.Gbx
Battle - LongestDay.Map.Gbx
Battle - OverFlow.Map.Gbx
Battle - QuickDraw.Map.Gbx
Battle - Snake.Map.Gbx
Battle - StrongHold.Map.Gbx

Download Mappack: ...


The server is equipped with MPaseco 0.83 and IRC plugin for out of game management
franck70 wrote:Hi all !

Franck.Battle run until july 2014 in 100k ! :pop:

login: franckbattle2

And here the mappack :

TricksPlant! by BomB_A ... ricksplant

F(x)=a+bi by Yoyoshi ... ttle-fxabi

LostBase by MrA ... e-lostbase

Arkh Nol'r by Fix ... -arkh-nolr

Scarway by Griffou ... ro-scarway

Je te tue, tu me tues by Nono ... tu-me-tues

Like A Criminal by Gaiden ... a-criminal

Reservoir Dogs by Nono ... rvoir-dogs

Rock Platoon by BassDriver ... ck-platoon

Tir Au Vol by Nono ... 03.Map.Gbx

Have fun and and come large (12 max :D )
kremsy wrote:Paragon Siege 100k:

Siege - Alien Gardens
Siege - TryAgain
Siege - The Islands
Siege - Dark Citadel
Siege - Babelcall coucouoeuf
Siege - Rampage
Siege - Paradigm
Siege - Check Six
Siege - GoAround
Siege - Journey

Will look for the MX-Links soon :).

Re: [Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 19 Nov 2014, 23:29
by Search44
Hello all,

Search " BATTLE 100k

10 maps :
Battle - Advanced Rampage
Battle - Exoplanet
Battle - Reflector Phase [E] 4.5
Battle - Party Fun
Battle - Re-Loading
Battle - Freedom Park
Battle - Let Me Ride Up
Battle - Tribe Forces 3.0
Battle - Operation V2
Battle - Double Trouble

View statistics (thanks a lot to steeffeen, mirko and lukas) :

I hope you enjoy it ! :)

Re: [Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 02 Jan 2015, 20:46
by chco
Hi all!
Here's the list of validated maps on the Royal G]R Glimratten server.
Some maps are already on SM Exhange but do not have the shadows recalculated. For those maps another download link has been added.

+ HeartBreaker ... ctory=100K
+ Can't stop the rock ... ctory=100K
+ Play for real ... ctory=100K
+ Four Seasons! ... ctory=100K
+ Royal - Gunslinger Lite ... ctory=100K
+ Royal Rumble ... ctory=100K
+ White City ... ctory=100K
+ G]R GlimBreaker
+ Sen-Sai 5
+ Circle in the Arena
+ At Castle's end
+ Glimmania
+ Bloedstrijd
+ Bawbag
+ Sunday Morning
+ Lost City ... ctory=100K
+ through the fire and flames ... ctory=100K
+ Heavy metal 2.0 ... ctory=100K
+ Fair fight V1
+ Hit & Run ... ctory=100K
+ G]R MeetingPoint
+ G]R Sen-Sai_13 v2.0

Re: [Storm]Information about 0/100k ladder servers

Posted: 14 Apr 2015, 17:59
by Dmark