[ManiaFlash]Suggstn.: Add positive/negative buttons to news

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[ManiaFlash]Suggstn.: Add positive/negative buttons to news

Post by toffe » 10 Feb 2015, 17:02

Yesterday I was talking with HaagseSmurf about maniaflash, and we got one idea:
Add Positive and Negative reaction buttons (like they using at youtube). With this you create 2 way communication. Would be fun.
And maybe when you :thumbsup: + it that it will be shared at maniahome. This will create more public for maniaflash channels.

Toffe + Haagse

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Re: [ManiaFlash]Suggstn.: Add positive/negative buttons to n

Post by gouxim » 10 Feb 2015, 17:15

Thanks for your suggestion. We'll probably rework ManiaFlash at some point ; in the meantime, feel free to give feedback ; even though we won't implement it short-term, it's food for thought :)
Please do not PM for support. Instead, create a thread so that everyone can contribute or benefit from the answer! 8-)

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