ManiaPlanetServer and TitlePack Updater Script

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ManiaPlanetServer and TitlePack Updater Script

Post by SK » 25 Feb 2019, 23:18

I was sad as i heard form other player that they where baned from my servers.
The reason, the Server Files and / or the TitlePack was Outdated.
Because of this i wrote a litle Updater Script in Batch (.bat) to update my Server Files and the TitlePack.
I want to share this script with you, it can make Live more easyer :D
It is able to update every Titlepack Public or non Public, TM or SM.

The only bad thing of this script is, it uses PowerShell, and it only for Windows :?

How it works ?
it is very basic :P

It downloads the and one TitlePack by using the offical links you can find in ... ng-started
Then then it unzip the in the same folder as my scipt is located.
if unzip is finished it downloads your selected TitlePack directly in the "\Packs" folder (you can change TitlePack in the config file)

It can also be used to create a fresh instalation !

Here it goes to the Download:

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