[Manialink] See your position while mapping

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[Manialink] See your position while mapping

Post by Harest » 19 Nov 2019, 04:55


This Manialink will mostly be useful to do some checks in relation to the quests tool (and it's EditorPlugin that displays blocks positions), but still, it's available to anyone and it could be useful so i'm sharing it here.
It returns a specific script that'll display your position while racing. So you'd use it in a MT clip of your map for instance.
You can stop the display by either pressing "Enter" or "Backspace".
The manialink to call:

Code: Select all

In TM:
In SM:
For now, i mostly used it to gather the info on blocks sizes in the different environments to improve the EditorPlugin included in the quests tool based on the CursorCoords plugin included by default in ManiaPlanet.
For instance, Stadium/Valley/Lagoon are 32x32x8 blocks, Canyon blocks are 64x64x16 and Storm (SM) ones are 8x8x2. They all have some different Y offset as well as a Y start position for the cursor (so not in block size here):
  • Canyon: No offset but starts at Y cursor pos of 15.
  • Stadium: No offset except 9 for the floor. Starts at Y cursor pos of 9.
  • Valley: No offset except 2 for the floor. Starts at Y cursor pos of 5.
  • Lagoon: Y Offset of 11 for the roads. Starts at Y cursor pos of 6 (5 in water).
  • Storm: Y Offset of 1. Starts at Y cursor pos of 9.
It'll probably help me set up new quests in the future if i do more maps.

Update: No longer required to put a value of 1 to DisplayPosition, only the presence of the parameter is checked.

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