[Manialink] Small "making of" tool to display map name & display cost top left

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[Manialink] Small "making of" tool to display map name & display cost top left

Post by Harest » 24 Dec 2019, 07:37


This Manialink is similar to the DisplayPosition one. It will mostly be useful to anyone wanting to do a not too advanced "making of" of your map.
It returns a specific script that'll display the map name and it's display cost while racing/testing. So you'd use it in a MT clip of your map for instance.
The manialink to call:

Code: Select all

I personally used it in combination with a fixed specific camera through all the backups of the last map i built and took a screenshot for each map. It's very basic, but it does the job to display the evolution of the map and i thought it may be interesting to have that. Gotta make something of these 100+ "backups" i had.
Of course, having proper map name for each map file helps. It was mostly my case.

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