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Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 14:18
by Kegulf
lille79 wrote:Good to hear that you got it working, Kegulf. Please tell me if some of the problems you figured out, is something I should fix, or mention it in the setup-and-tips-file :)
All I have done is small edits to get some functions to work, for the TM2 server, everything worked pretty well, thing the /add function was the only thing I had any real problems with :lol:
lille79 wrote:If someone would like to help, I'd consider adding more stuff for Shootmania, but then they would have to write setup-tips and a bit of documentation.

Later today, I'll release a very simple Shootmania-addon which can be downloaded with two startup-bat-files, dedicated config-files and matchsettings-files for Shootmania.

I've also created a usbTM2-update version, where people with running usbTMFservers can run TM2-servers on their existing webserver. I'll upload it later today :)

For the whole shootmania thing, If you want to run a custom game mod, like I'm doing, you will haver to add the Obstacle.Script.txt to Script folder in the server/UserData folder, then you go into Which ever MatchSettings you are using, it does not really matter which one you use, the important thing is that you have at least 1 map pre added in that MatchSetting file. On aprox line 10 in the MatchSettings there should be a <script_name></script_name> function, just copy the name of the Script for the mode you are setting up :p In my case it looks like this: <script_name>Obstacle.Script.txt</script_name>

If it's not too much to ask for, could you look at MPAseco? Shouldn't be so different from X2.
I got everything working in the start but then when I added Fufi, my problems started, ... 26#p160026

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 15:50
by lille79
I have no way of testing if ShootMania is working, and since I'm creating this pack because it's really very similar to TMF, I'd rather not start adding a lot of controllers to the mix.

The info you should need, like database-names, SuperAdmin-password and so on is included in the download in the setup-and-tips and advanced-file. If you want to add databases for other controllers to use, I don't know if MPAseco adds those automatically like Xaseco2 does, or you would have to create them through phpmyadmin.

If people would like to add stuff to the server-pack, I'm all for it, but I can't provide any support for things I don't know much about. If you already have a working setup, you could maybe send me your MPAseco-folder, since it should work with all usbTM2-setup. Ofcourse it depends on how much you've customised it :)

edit: If I'm right, I can delete some large files that are only used in Shootmania from the pack, but I will put them in another zip-file so people can get all the basic Shootmania-stuff in one download.

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 16:19
by Kegulf
MPAseco is basically the same thing as Xaseco2, only difference is that it is specifically coded for ManiaPlanet I guess :P I just replaced everything in the Xaseco2 server1 folder with MPAseco content, everything works, my problem is with fufi now, that is the only problem I have :P When I don't put fufi into Plugins.xml, everything is working as it should :) So once again, good job on the usbserver Lille :D

If you had released the usbserver before 10th of April, you could have joined the Shootmania Open Beta :P

I could send you my setup, it's working fine, except for the fufi, maybe you can take a look at my setup of fufi? It should be somewhat the same as in Xaseco2. I have edited the Autorun as well :P the buttons and title :lol:
just Pm me your mail and I'll send :)

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 17:51
by lille79
I've uploaded a 0.25-upgrade for those who are using the usbTMFserver, and wants to add the ability to run TM2-servers. Just unzip the contents to your usbTMFserver-folder. ...

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 23 Apr 2013, 17:08
by GrandPa43
Hi all
I have on the last months have the great pleasure to run Beta tests on Lille's usbserver.
He have even created a update does solve my problem, I could not run a TMUF server and a TM2 server on the same computer.
With the upgrade pack is this now possible. Both program runs smoothly on my server, all old records an so on is available on the TMUF server, nothing lost :)
On my former TM2 server I used Xampp, and its a little challenge ahead to retrieve all records from the Canyon part. but I think this will works well.

If I understand Lille correct, is his usbTM2 server v0.25 still in beta, but i can ensure you that the server runs smooth with two servers on TMUF. GrandPa's Great Island and GrandPa Server.
On the TM2 part runs one server on Canyon and one one Stadium. All in one program :thumbsup:

Big thanks to Lille for this fantastic server program, it is highly recommended. :clap: :clap: :clap:

GrandPa :3 :3 :3

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 13 May 2013, 21:52
by Kegulf
Lille, I have started venturing into editing the autorun.exe.

My problem: Can't get more than 7 buttons + explore CD into it.
I have written 10 buttons.
Question: Do you have any fixes/ideas to work around this? :)

EDIT: Figured it out, had to change the CUSTOM CD MENU section :) Still maxes out on 8 though, but it will work for now. Is it possible to make one .bat file that can run two .bat files? Example: WnL Obstacle.bat runs TM2Server1_start.bat + TM2Server1_xaseco2.bat

Basically translated to: I'm lazy, can I press one button instead of two? :lol:


Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 15 May 2013, 23:47
by lille79
Haven't got the possibility right now to check more than two minutes where 1 minute and 50 seconds is google, but have you tried writing a bat-file with something like:

Code: Select all

start /d"%CD%\webserver" mowes.exe 
timeout 10
start /d"%CD%\"  TM2server1_start.bat
timeout 10
start /d"%CD%\"  TM2server1_xaseco2.bat

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 11:41
by ahatraxx
Is it fair to say that xaseco2 needs an update after maniaplanets own update yesterday?
I receive a fatal error in xaseco, where my server shuts down when entering the finish line.

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 22:59
by GanjaRider

Re: usbTM2server 0.25

Posted: 04 Jul 2013, 06:21
by Xymph
ahatraxx wrote:Is it fair to say that xaseco2 needs an update after maniaplanets own update yesterday?
I receive a fatal error in xaseco, where my server shuts down when entering the finish line.
No, when the server goes down on certain tracks, XAseco2 cannot keep running either as it needs the XML/RPC connection. So it's a problem with the MP dedicated (in combination with certain tracks perhaps), not in XAseco2.

If and only if the dedicated keeps running at all times, but X2 aborts with an error, there would be an X2 problem that can be reported in the X1/X2 forum with as much relevant detail as possible. Without info, no help is feasible.