(Outdated) MpEditorUnlimiter

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Re: MpEditorUnlimiter for TMT :?:

Post by Ozon » 21 Jun 2016, 19:09

null8fuenf10 wrote:Hi @ll!

i know this Thread is a little bit outdated. :)

But maybe someone can get this tool work in Trackmania Turbo?

Turbo is mainly same as Maniaplanet, maybe it would be possible?

null8fuenf10 :thumbsup:
Afaik there is a ChallengeEdit for TMTurbo (it's a tad more complicated to use, but still very useful). Don't know where to find it though :(
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Re: (Outdated) MpEditorUnlimiter

Post by kadaz » 12 Sep 2016, 03:30

is that the original challenge edit for tmunited, I still have a copy of that.

http://knights.clanservers.com/server/c ... dit04d.zip maybe a new ver. for turbo, dunno.
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