[MP4] ManiaCDN.net: the mania content delivery network

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Re: ManiaCDN.net: the mania content delivery network

Post by askuri » 11 Sep 2017, 16:15

Update to MP4:

I finally found time to complete the update of the uploader to MP4. Yet, only people with existing MP3 account were able to use the service.
From now on, we will use the MP4 SDK, which will require MP4 credentials.
It is necessary to grant us permissions over login and email again.

Known issues: the logout button doesn't work properly. I am looking for an answer to solve this problem here: viewtopic.php?f=282&t=42460

Please report any bugs, errors or weird behaviour to info [at] maniacdn.net
Thanks to Ansgar Richter and Toffe for reporting.

PS: I would also like to let you know that we haven't had major interruptions recently. The network is still running very fine and stable.
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Re: [MP4] ManiaCDN.net: the mania content delivery network

Post by toffe » 22 Oct 2017, 11:21

Status of the network
Dear users and contributors,
We are happy to say that our network still works nice a charm and our domain is up since 25th of november 2015 (almost 2 years). Also the costs of the non-user contributed regios (Asia, Africa and South America) which is supported by CloudFront together with the DNS costs is still around 3 or 4 dollar a month, which is far from worse. (apart from the domain costs) (donations for the costs are of course welcome btw, button is on https://about.maniacdn.net).

Statistics September 2017
Another nice fact is that the usage of those non-user contributed regios can be investigated with the statistics provided by Amazon AWS. Here are some nice facts:
(these stats are only for the regions: Asia, South America, Africa)
- UAseco and XAseco assets are the most populair, which is logical for the amount of servers running UAseco nowadays. The mostly downloaded asset from 01-09-2017 until 01-10-2017 is /undef.de/xaseco1/mania-karma/cup_gold.png with 17670 hits which produced total of ~22 MB.
- The total number of requests is 1174483. In total, 4,5 GB is transfered in during September 2017.
- 99,85% is non-browser traffic, which is the Maniaplanet client obviously.
- Brazil did the most requests from all locations, 225973 requests, that's 19,24% of all requests during the month. Second place goes to Australia with 143666 requests.

Some global DNS statistics for September 2017:
- 615726 Global Geo-DNS requests processed. (the main domain).
- 46904 Global normal DNS requests processed. (about.maniacdn.net for example).

Thanks for using and contributing to the network, and we are looking forward to host your files!

Toffe & Askuri

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Re: [MP4] ManiaCDN.net: the mania content delivery network

Post by TheBigG. » 05 Nov 2017, 00:35

Here some statistic for one of my nodes.
IPv4 to IPv6 ratio
requests per second
1st traffic spike was DOS attempt or so and the 2nd MP4 update
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