CutFinder.Jar - a program to find routing cuts in TM

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CutFinder.Jar - a program to find routing cuts in TM

Post by -Zenit- » 21 Jan 2016, 02:01

Hi guys,

iam really happy to post this. I had this idea for two years, but i was to lazy to do it. But now its finished:
A program to find different routes in tracks.

You all know this run right? I wrote a program to find exactly this kind of rerouting cuts.

Using this program is lots of work. If you think you are done with 5 min you are wrong. I added enough shortcuts to make this process faster, but its still painful slow. The program has a save/load function so you can use files of other users or use your own file when you find another connection of CP's. The program works like this: You enter every possible connection of CP's and then the program gives you alternative routes.

>> Ok how to do that? <<

1. Open the CutFinder.jar file
2. Enter the number of CP's for the track (img)
3. Fill out the grid (img)
4. Compute -> simple routing (CTRL + P)

>>How to fill out the grid <<

the number on the Y axis is the starting CP. The number on the X axis is the reached CP. So for example if you can drive from CP1 to CP3:

1. You go to the row with number 1 and then you enter a 1 when row 1 meets column 3. (example)

The program can also calculates the amount of time needed drive through every CP. So instead of entering everytime a "1" in the grid, you could enter the seconds needed to go to this CP. It makes comparison between routes much easier

Yes you need to find every connection of CP's. If you miss an important one, the program cant calculate the different route.

>>Features <<

1. CTRL + E opens the "Add" window, you can add numbers really fast with it and basicly you can add every number in it without using a mouse. Its the fastest way to use this program. The first textbox needs to know where you started and the other one needs to know the reached CP.
1.1 If you press ENTER while selecting the second box, you enter the number and clear the textbox. If you want to enter lots of checkpoints from the same starting CP in a short time, this is the right tool for you.
1.2 If you are in the second textbox and press SHIFT, you go to the first textbox and clear everything. You can use this to switch the start CP and enter more numbers from a different CP.
1.3 If you entered the start CP and press TAB, you go to the second textbox.

2. You can hide the x*x fields in your grid if you want (options -> hide same CP's) recommended

3. You can set the standard route for your track with CTRL + D (or options -> set standard route)

>> Load/Save <<

If you want to save your grid, you can press CTRL + S (file -> save). After entering a name, it saves the grid inside a txt document. If you enter an already existing name, the file gets overwritten

To load a grid, you can press CTRL + O (file -> open). You need to enter the name of the file. So for example if you saved your file "test.txt", you enter "test". the file needs to be in the same folder of CutFinder.Jar

You can save your different routes in a txt too. Just enter a name and its saved in the same folder

>> Download <<


>> Stuff for v1.1 <<

Adding support for Ring CP's
Giving the frames fitting names
Adding more efficiency in the algorithm

What do you think about the program? Do you have some bugs? Maybe new ideas?

I think i forgot something but iam tired lol. Hope you use this program!

PS: i dont look that much in this forum, you can reach me on TMX here

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