[MP4, Jan. 18] [MediaTracker] Keyframes Distance

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[MP4, Jan. 18] [MediaTracker] Keyframes Distance

Post by Zeraxex » 10 Jan 2018, 13:10

It's not really a bug but it's causing trouble for me so I thought I'd better post it here anyway.

So I'm just doing an intro for a map in the MediaTracker and using the Timespeed Track with a factor of 0.01. The obvious result is, that 0.01 secs on the timeline become 1 sec. But you can only set keyframes in a minimum distance of 0.05 seconds... which means that in my case the next possible keyframe would be after 5 seconds! There's a workaround for that, but it's not that exact and may cause other problem, so I'm not gonna explain that one here further.

So what I'm asking for is to remove that "0.05sec Keyframe barrier" or find another way to change that. It would really help me sometimes.^^

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