[BUG] Mediatracker in the Map Editor limited to 15 Ghosts

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[BUG] Mediatracker in the Map Editor limited to 15 Ghosts

Post by killerboye » 05 Mar 2018, 01:16

Hi Nadeo,

When using ghosts in the mediatracker in the map editor, after 15 ghosts, the other added ghosts don't work/spawn. If a custom camera is anchoring it, then it displays somewhere else on the map. When going over the limited, all newly added ghosts break, including all ghosts of the intro of the map...

Example: I used a ghost for each checkpoint in my ShootMania Obstacle map, but after the use of 15 ghosts, the others don't work anymore when playing the map. All the other mediatracker blocks still remain to work.

I heard that for TrackMania a similar issue happens except that in TrackMania the camera focus is broken, but the ghost still spawns while in ShootMania, no ghost is visible.

A ShootMania test map I used to test, open the mediatracker in the map editor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p703syzfxvfx7 ... p.Gbx?dl=0
My Obstacle map where all intro ghosts disappeared, because of going over the limit, maniaexchange link: https://sm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/view/23304

Would love to see this fixed soon, currently building an Obstacle tutorial map where I need 20 working ghosts (only 15 now work)... :cry:

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Re: [BUG] Mediatracker in the Map Editor limited to 15 Ghosts

Post by squiki » 05 Mar 2018, 02:31

I have a similar problem in stadium as mentioned before.
here is a demo track i created:
As u can see i made an intro and the ingame MT. In the ingame MT there are two gps clips and one clip with ghosts.
In this version which i uploaded only the "gps forwards" clip works correctly. The intro camera seems to not find the achnored ghost, same for the "gps backwards" clip. But the backwards gps ghost will still start to spawn/drive (only camera is broken there).
If u remove one ghost in the "other ghosts" clip, the backwards gps will start to work, the intro not. If u remove a second ghost in that clip, the intro will also start to work correctly. So if a camera will focus on an achored ghost depends on the amount of used ghosts and the order of the clips (the "gps forwards" clip will also work if u add like 10 pages of ghosts in the "other ghosts" clip)

greetz squiki

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