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Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 24 Apr 2018, 21:57
by McBain
This is not really a major bug but still a bit annoying to me:
when im in fullscreen, still Windows goes to Standby mode after some time of inactivity (also if im spec on a server). I think in fullscreen it shouldnt be like that (correct me if im wrong).

Im quite sure it wasnt like this in older maniaplanet releases. And i can confirm that this doesnt happen with the old TMUF.

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 24 Apr 2018, 22:14
I think it could be helpful if you tell which Windows do you use. 8-)

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 19:15
by McBain
It is Win10 64-bit. I would be surprised if others dont have this. But as I said in my first post its not very critical just a little annoying :roll:

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 28 Apr 2018, 23:12
by nighthawk4571
In the launcher configuration window, do you have 'Fullscreen' selected? meaning the game will always start in full screen mode but you can click the top-right corner boxes to change to windowed during play.
Theory: If 'Windowed' or 'WindowedFull' is selected, I suspect that the system will treat TM as any other application in windowed mode - MS Office, Solitaire, Firefox etc and the screen will lock after the set waiting time.

I've never had your issue but I've never set the game to Windowed.

Just a thought... Cheers :pil

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 29 Apr 2018, 00:23
by Miss
If it's set to FullScreen but it's not going into fullscreen, it's probably stuck in your profile for some reason. I've experienced it before, and deleting the Config/Default.SystemConfig.Gbx file would "unlock" the option for me.

Also, ManiaPlanet forces windows/fullscreen-windowed if you have a debugger attached, but I doubt you have that. :P

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 02 May 2018, 18:04
by McBain
Thanks for the ideas Miss!

I decided to do a little experiment with afking and i have the following information which might be relevant.
  • system config was removed
  • the game starts up in fullscreen
  • i changed setting to windowed and went back to fullscreen before starting maniaplanet
  • i didnt change to windowed when maniaplanet was running
  • no other program was running on desktop which might "overrule" maniaplanet
The phenomenon persists that the computer goes to Standby in ManiaPlanet but not in TMUF. Well there is one small thing to add about standby: its the soft standby which switches off screen and sound but im not kicked from Maniaplanet and no login is necessary to Windows on wakeup.

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 03 May 2018, 18:21
by nighthawk4571
I think I might have found the solution:

My system is also Win10 64-bit.
I set my screensaver to kick in after 20 minutes (it has been off since I upgraded to Win 10) and ran a long replay in full screen mode. Sure enough, the screen saver kicked in after 20 minutes of inactivity. I moved the mouse and the screen woke up without a logon screen and I noticed that TM had minimized to the Menu Bar.
Before I activated the screensaver, this had never happened while TM was running, so I knew I was on to something here.

To return to my normal settings (where TM in full screen stays active with no screensaver or system sleep kicking in), this is what I did:

1. (Next to Start Menu Button) Search box - type in 'Change Screen Saver'.
Select 'Change Screen Saver' from the list.

2. Right-click on screen, select 'Personalize'.
Swlect 'Lock Screen and scroll down to 'Screen saver settings'.

You will see a pre-Win 10 settings box. * I hate the Win 10 Settings crap, which is why I have the classic Win 7 Menu installed but that's another story... :? .

Select 'None'.
Make sure 'On resume, display logon screen' box is unticked. Mine does not bring up the logon screen, even though this box was ticked but I suggest deselecting the tick box anyway.
Click on 'Apply'


* Back in Win 10 (right-click on screen) Display Settings/ Power & Sleep, I still have 'the screen set to turn off after 2 hours' and this still works ---- BUT! it does not kick in if I leave TM running in full screen mode, not touching the mouse or keyboard.

After all this, I can still lock the screen manually regardless of what programmes are running and, on wake-up, I still get the logon screen as before.

Hope this helps.
Cheers :pil

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 11 May 2018, 20:23
by McBain
Thanks for your help but this are exactly my settings and sorry for late reply.

I checked my other energy settings in Win10 and what i see is:
- Monitor off after 10min
- Standby after 30min

Phenomenon is that with TMUF it doesnt happen. Still im not 100% sure its a bug and not desired behaviour. However I thought in Fullscreen this would not happen and TMUF behaves like expected while Maniaplanet doesn't.

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 11 May 2018, 23:50
by nighthawk4571
That's frustrating. I'm running TMUF on the same system and, like you, I never see the sleep mode.
At this point, I suspect there may be a system bug somewhere but as for clues, I'm almost stuck except to say your BIOS settings might be set to 'enable sleep mode'... and one last idea:

Boot in Safe Mode.

Press Windows logo key + X key.
Click on Control Panel (should show up in Safe Mode).
Go to Power options.
Check which option you have highlighted, under that click on change plan settings.
Click on Change advanced settings.
In new window go to Multimedia settings and check that the settings are according to your preference.

Otherwise ....... I'm out of ideas ..... Bummer! :twisted:

Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Posted: 12 May 2018, 02:24
by hackie
I also have some problems :

When I play for a while with fullscreen all is fine.
Now when I press that square at top right at the screen ( how is it called ? ) to change the size of the screen it goes bad.
My monitor turns black and looses signal.
I have to restart my pc and all is fine again.

System spec. are in my sig.