Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

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Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Post by McBain » 04 Jun 2018, 20:35

nighthawk4571 wrote:
11 May 2018, 23:50
That's frustrating. I'm running TMUF on the same system and, like you, I never see the sleep mode.
At this point, I suspect there may be a system bug somewhere but as for clues, I'm almost stuck except to say your BIOS settings might be set to 'enable sleep mode'... and one last idea:

Boot in Safe Mode.

Press Windows logo key + X key.
Click on Control Panel (should show up in Safe Mode).
Go to Power options.
Check which option you have highlighted, under that click on change plan settings.
Click on Change advanced settings.
In new window go to Multimedia settings and check that the settings are according to your preference.

Otherwise ....... I'm out of ideas ..... Bummer! :twisted:
Sorry for my very late reply. I dont want to play around in BIOS because of this issue. What i can update from my side - its also happening on another computer with Windows 10 I tried. I still consider this as a bug and TMUF as the right behaviour. Thx for your ideas nighthawk anyway :thumbsup:

@Hackie: i also get sometimes strange phenomenons on this switch but never the PC crashed so far

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Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Post by nighthawk4571 » 04 Jun 2018, 23:34

hackie: Is your GTX overclocked? Are your fans working well? Do they rev up just before the crash?
Do your have automatic hardware updates turned off in Win10?

There have been some issues with these cards: Resizing game windows can cause the memory to suddenly max out, causing the card board to react as though overheating has occurred, which leads to loss of video display.
One suggestion I've seen elsewhere is to do a clean uninstall of video drivers, then do a fresh install. Seems simple but may/ may not be worth a try...

Something I've seen myself: Often, when resizing my MP screen, it reduces for a second then returns to full-screen. I usually have to click on the resize square thing once again to get a windowed mode view. This action seems to require more system 'effort' than you would expect - I can't really explain it myself - just an annoyance. But this has never caused my system to crash (totally different from yours - iMac - but with GeForce GTX 675MX).

One other thing to try, even though it may sound weird: :? TAKE CARD OUT OF ITS SLOT AND PUT BACK IN. Re-seating sometimes fixes such errors. Please don't ask why - I suspect this just releases any charge which can allow the board to retain incorrect command paths - I really don't know. So let's just call it pc magic. :arrow: :evil:

Cheers. :pil
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Re: Fullscreen is not really fullscreen

Post by TMarc » 05 Jun 2018, 07:12

not necessarily magic :)
this is eliminating microscopic corrosion and dust (this can cause crosstalk between the very close pins)
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