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Lagging rockets

Posted: 21 Feb 2018, 16:44
Since the latest update from 9th of February there is an issue with lagging rockets. Sometimes you see rockets spawn too late and somtimes you see two rockets spawning from which one disapears again shortly after. Here are a few clips from Ville's stream where you can see this issue. In the first three cases he's spectating someone with lagging rockets and in the last case he's fighting someone with lagging rockets:

This is defently a ping issue, eventho I can garantee that my ping was fine and yet you can see lagging rockets by me in the third clip. For me they appeared completly normal when I played but from ville's perpective they are clearly not normal at all. For me personaly only the rockets of some opponents lag, when I'm close to them. But I've also heared of players where their own rockets lag.

This is very important to fix because it's very hard to dodge rockets if you see them spawn too late or if you see two rockets spawning and you have to guess which one is real and which one if fake. For the players that have lagging rockets themself it must be even worse!

Re: Lagging rockets

Posted: 21 Feb 2018, 19:32
by Rots
There's nothing new but worse than before :roflol:

I've seen/had this occur since... always? randomly against random players, not necesarily under bad ping situations (+100 ping)

All along with disapearing rockets (not those last sec rocket shot before dying, I can understand server side and client side operations... Talking about a rocket you shot literally 1 whole second before dying, disapearing)

And also rocket cancels (+0) that hit you even if you cancel them by at least a whole block lenght.

Of course, all of this having 30 ping on my side...

:?: :?:

Re: Lagging rockets

Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 01:53
by Dommy
I've noticed this yesterday on Invasion test - some players were shooting Rockets and occasionally a ghost shot had occurred. Looks like the game tries to predict the next shot and fires off the visuals too early.

Re: Lagging rockets

Posted: 27 Mar 2018, 16:03
by xbx
should be fixed in 2018-03-27 update.