[BUG] TimeSpeed Mediatracker Block does not function in SM

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[BUG] TimeSpeed Mediatracker Block does not function in SM

Post by killerboye » 24 Feb 2018, 00:24

Hi Nadeo,

I have been playing around in the MediaTracker of Shootmania and the TimeSpeed Mediatracker Block doesn't seem to function when testing the map (validation or server). It only works correctly inside the MediaTracker when previewing.

I tested it in two titlepacks: Royal and Obstacle, both in which this doesn't work. I tried it in the Intro and In Game MT Sequence.
I went testing this in Trackmania (Canyon) and there it seems to work correctly. I also noticed that there is a Mediatracker Block called "Time" which works fine but to have some simple slow motions, I already have to bring up my calculator to calculate timings which is not practical at all for multiple slow motions.

The royal map I quickly created to test it on, there is a TimeSpeed block in both intro and in game MT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngy98xlvh10om ... p.Gbx?dl=0

Also a small feature request, It would be handy if that MT block could be duplicated or have it duplicate on the same track which could make importing clips of TimeSpeed blocks possible.

Would love to see this fixed soon, currently building an Obstacle tutorial map where I need slow motion for GPS... :cry:

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