Auto spec cam feature is missing since mp4

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Auto spec cam feature is missing since mp4

Post by HYPE » 05 Apr 2018, 12:54

The gamemodes Elite and Speedball (and maybe other gamemodes that I can not remember right now) had a auto spec cam feature in mp3 which doesn't work anymore since mp4.

If you joined a match in Elite as Spectator you were automatically always spectating the Attacker. If you switched to a specific target you got back to the auto spec cam with pressing 0 on the Numpad.

In Speedball Spectators were always speactating the ball carier automatically (or after pressing 0 on the Numpad). When the ball switches the players, the cam for Spectators switched with it.

Now in mp4 you can only spectate one specific player in both modes (or the free cam ofc). Both auto spec cams were very usefull for the Spectators and watching a game of Speedball now, gets very annoying, because you manually need to switch between the players all the time.

Plese bring this feature back. I don't think you deleted this feature on purpose, so I guess it can be considered as a bug. :P

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