[PLUGIN] ChangeMap 0.6.0

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[PLUGIN] ChangeMap 0.6.0

Post by MuNgLo » 01 Nov 2012, 02:07

supports both MLEPP and Standard Menubar (prio on Std. Menubar if both is loaded)

Well here's a simple way to change map. /changemap brings up the playlist in a window and you just press the one you want to load. (admin access)

Also you can now add/remove maps (/addmap /removemap). Since you can't question the server what maps it has you need to have a list of choices. These are stored in a file called MapPool.txt. This file should also be under valid location. /playlists/Elite/mapPool.txt for elite and so on.
It's just a filename on each line so it should be easy enough for anyone to handle. ;)

Note that if MenuBar is loaded the only chatcommands that will be loaded is /maplistsave and /maplistload.

About votes. All votes are for all active players and not restricted for to admins to start. Votemaps matches against the imported mappool.txt file. So still no need to run on same computer as the gameserver.
You can disable votes by adding the disableflag into the disable array in the Config.php file. By default mapvotes are enabled. If you want to disable them change ture to false in the config file.
Oh and since it uses the mappool you can even vote map that isn't in the active playlist. But please not that since it just adds the map to the playlist you might end up with many maps in the playlist. Which since 1.3d can be annoying.
Voting a map while in a match using mapdrafting will be denied by the gamemodescript.

You can also save/load entire playlists. These are handled different depending on what gamescript server is running. For Elite it works just fine and should work just as fine for others. Probably needs some tweaks for all to work good. Do make a post if you run into troubles.

Note: If you are going to use this plugin for anything but Elite mode then you should change the mapfolder option in the config. This is a part of the plugin that needs some work but it works just fine for Elite. :D

--0.6.0-- http://www.skynet-irc.com/shootmania/fi ... ap-060.zip
Exposed a publicfunction to load playlist.
privvote removed
added messageconfiguration in config
cleaned up a whole lot :)
Added formatting to all chatmessages.
pcw vote removed see plugin VoteExtension
Load playlist has a window
No more dependance on MLEPP (kept support)
Added support for Standard Menubar
Added votes for map, pcw and private ( see above )
Added a Config file with disable array for votes
( 0.4.4 release contains my own playlists and mappool.txt. make sure to edit as needed )
Moved array out to a MapPool.txt
Added playlist handling (load/save) done separate depending on gamescript server is running.
Added a readme.
Moved out of MLEPP folder to not conflict with the MLEPP default Changemap plugin.
Also some changes to the map array but that needs edit from each user anyways.
Fixed that annoying marked line that blocked first map to be choosable
Updated to function under latest ManiaLive
Added add/remove map functionallity
Integrated admincommands into MLEPP style
Basic changemap window gui based on active playlist.

Based on the MLEPP VoteMap plugin and very crudly edited just to function as I wanted. :D
As of v0.4.4 it might have gotten a bit out of hand :?

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