[PLUGIN] VoteExtensions 0.3.1

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[PLUGIN] VoteExtensions 0.3.1

Post by MuNgLo » 01 Nov 2012, 12:33

Ok so this isn't broken anymore since CallVote on serverside is fixed now. But the files and links would need an update if anyone would want to try it let me know.

A plugin to extend the votes for the players using ManiaLive.
Only supporting Elite.

You will be able to vote Elite FreeMode on/off and to automatically handle rules and passwords for PCW's.
Votes are open for any user in this version. This is cause I've written it to let anyone use the servers I run to play pcw's on.
The plugin also removes any passwords when playercount drops below "ResetPlayers" value in the config.

Config file is well commented, read it.

Vote FreeMode on/off::
Simply use /freeon or /freeoff. You cannot vote if mode is already active.

Vote PCW::
A simple "/pcw" will use the rules declared in the config file.
It accepts shorthands for most rules.
Best of.. : bo1(untested) bo3 bo5 bo7 bo9
Win Limit: wl6 wl9
MaxTurns: mt8 mt9 mt11
UseDraft : drafton draftoff (to set mapdrafting on/off)
Do let me know if you miss any rules.

Also support for playlists made by my Changemap plugin. Any shorthand plugin don't recognise will be matched against playlists saved with ChangeMap. If a match is found it will load that playlist. I recommend to have updated playlist easily named like esl, eswc and so on.

As an extra feature you can configure your own message layout via the config file. Limited to custom prefix and standardcolour and highlightcolour.

As there don't seem to be any way to reset a matchscore in Elite mode any nonfinished match will be continued on next /pcw.

This plugin can be used to load settings easily. Just set the values you want in the config and load it with a blank /pcw. Make sure to edit config "minPlayers" to 1 and "voteCooldown" to something lower like 5 when you want to test it.

Make configurable for adminonly and persistent passwords.

--0.3.1-- http://skynet-irc.com/bazinga/VoteExtensions031.zip
Fixed message formatting of password reset message.
Silenced reset message if no password needs to be reset.
--0.3.0-- http://skynet-irc.com/bazinga/VoteExtensions030.zip
First public release.

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