Dedimania [Manialive 3.0] last update: 30.5.2013

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Dedimania [Manialive 3.0] last update: 30.5.2013

Post by reaby » 20 Mar 2013, 11:22

for Manialive 3.0 and later

Now fully extracted from eXpansion. Added functionalities to hook on event system for other Developers for custom event handling. See GitHub Wiki for more info.

Click .Zip at top of the page to get always the latest version of the plugin.

Installation instructions

Download the latest version by clicking the .zip at top of github page.
locate your manialive installation folder and go to ManiaLivePlugins and create folder named Reaby.

Create new folders so there is folder structure:

Code: Select all

next step is to extract the "Dedimania-master" and rename it to "Dedimania"

Generate your dedimania credentials here:

Use them in the config:

Code: Select all

manialive.plugins[] = 'Reaby\Dedimania';
ManiaLivePlugins\Reaby\Dedimania\Config.login = "your_server_login"
ManiaLivePlugins\Reaby\Dedimania\Config.code = "your_dedimania_code"
Download & more info at:

Change log:
- fix for sending times if no dedimania record is set previously
- fix rounds mode sending records + change send keepalive period to 4 minutes
- note: other plugins relying on this doesn't need an update.
23.3.2013 - Updated this post for more installation details
20.3.2013 - ver 0.11 - Initial commit

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