Events on in game actions

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Events on in game actions

Post by beauchette » 20 Mar 2013, 22:20


I've been searching through manialive's documentation, and I didn't find any event for hits, pole captured or eliminations in shootmania storm, can anyone tell me if these events exist, or not ?

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Re: Events on in game actions

Post by reaby » 21 Mar 2013, 07:19

Manialive has special callback event for Scriptmode. So if the script sends events you can get them using

Code: Select all

/** Callback function to get Scriptmode Event and parameters
* @var string $event
* @var string $args
public function onModeScriptCallback($event, $args ) {

// do your code here


Unfortunately, Storm default scripts doesn't - even now as we have asked many times - trigger any callbacks. So you have to modify the scripts to emit some signals.

For pole capture you can use following maniascript snipplet for the .script.txt file:

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XmlRpc.SendCallback("poleCapture", Players[PlayerId].Login);
and for armor empty

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XmlRpc.SendCallback("emptyArmor", Event.Victim.Login);
See Foxcontrol, Smart or MLepp for Storm modified scripts, use them directly or do your own implementations.

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