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[plugin] TeamRace

Post by Maverick00 » 28 May 2013, 16:41


I just offer you a plugin to manage the games team mode.

Download :

More explications : http://teamjtt.xooit.fr/t990-Plugin-TeamRace.htm

This keeps:
the number of won maps
the number of points earned
history scores for each map

We may at any time change the current scores.

The visual appearance is completely changed by the menu for quick use, and by chat commands for further customize colors.

Background images are changed by using the menu configuration file TeamRace.xml, but also by the chat command.
For example, if you link to an image found on the internet, just type
/ teamrace fond {copy the link} and the image changes automatically ->

The naming of teams can be done by using the menu prérentré name in the configuration file, or by an order of the cat by copying the tag, including special characters.

The link "previous score" allows any player, even not being admin, review scores previous maps.

The configuration file allows TeamRace.xml:

retain tags teams to access via the menu
to have links clutter to access via the menu
to keep all the colors of the display at start of XAseco

The plugin can be enabled or disabled on the server directly from the "display" menu on or off.

The "start" menu resets all counters to zero and restart the map.

Ingame : ... nerale.jpg
Image of funds available through the menu :
example of clutter by controlling chat with an internet address :
Showing scores for each of the game map : ... scores.jpg
Showing chat commands : ... e_chat.jpg
Display control chat colors : ... colors.jpg
Menu for selecting pre funds returned to the configuration file :
Menu for the choice of colors :
Menu for selecting pre teams returned to the configuration file :

the next version will save the results in a database and display results on a web page

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Re: [plugin] TeamRace

Post by oliverde8 » 30 May 2013, 06:05

Hi, looks very nice :thumbsup:

But is should be posted here : http://www.tm-forum.com/viewforum.php?f=127

Here it is for ManiaLive plugins not XAseco
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Re: [plugin] TeamRace

Post by Maverick00 » 30 May 2013, 12:50

Thank you, but after I registered TM-FORUM, I never received my activation email, even trying several times.
In desperation I came to post here, but I did not know it was not the right place.

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