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Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 20:59
by nickutis
Hi guys,

I spent 3 days looking for help online and almost ready to give up. I've created the freezone server using manialink + freezone plugin, it works fine for nations users (forced spec, no chat etc).

The problem is that my server never sends live, and never becomes a real freezone server.

This is that I see in my logs:

Code: Select all

array(7) {
  string(11) "nickaslt-fr"
  string(26) "Freezone: Lekiam Pas Nadeo"
  string(28) "TmForever,2.11.26,2011-02-21"
  string(40) "d99048f054f5a29d24901b2c6142b524fdf1a36a"

 -> Exception with code 0
    API error. Check the HTTP error code.
  - in
      on line 219
  - Stack: #0
      e/Freezone/Plugin.php(243): ManiaLib\Rest\Client->execute('POST',
      '/freezone/live/', Array)
      Event.php(26): ManiaLivePlugins\Freezone\Freezone\Plugin->onTick()
      ent.php(36): ManiaLive\Features\Tick\Ticker->onPreLoop()
           #8 {main}
I did lots of troubleshooting and found out that the server never actually calls API url (I checked it with tcpdump)

Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks!

Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 21:13
by hackie
You are talking about TMF I believe ?

Look here :

This plugin runs with Xaseco so you don't have to use manialive.

What you need is 1:Dedicated server + 2:Xaseco ( servercontroller ) +3:freezoneplugin.

Here is a link to trackmania forum (xaseco ) :

Also usefull :

Goodluck with it , questions about TMF could be better asked at TrackmaniaForum.

Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 21:16
by nickutis
Thanks hackie,

I already tried this Xaseco plugin, however, there is a problem which I believe breaks freezone rule.

After freezone user (who is forced to spec) does logout/login, plugin doesn't count his games anymore (and doesn't force to spec mode anymore in the following rounds)

Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 22:36
by hackie
That plugin is fine , you can say that almost every server on TMF is using that.

It was no succes running manialive together with xaseco. ( for freezone port )
So some one made a plugin for the freezone port. You can use it , don't worry.

Take some time it has effect.

( do not forget to register freezone server "ingame" , you have to use a freezone ( key ) )

Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 22:48
by nickutis
Thanks for the suggestions :)

Do you know if that port of freezone should give errors in freezone.log if there are any?

This is my freezone.log when running Tmf server + xaseco 1.15b + Freezone port

Code: Select all

[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:33:15 +0000] 0 ('GET', '/freezone/slang/', '')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:33:15 +0000] 0 ('POST', '/freezone/live/', '{"serverLogin":"nickaslt-fr","serverName":"Freezone: Lekiam Pas Nadeo","serverVersion":"TmForever,2.11.26,2011-02-21","manialiveVersion":null,"maxPlayers":40,"visibility":0,"classHash":"6f116833b419fe7cb9c912fdaefb774845f60e79"}')
Forcing andrius3 into spectator!
Forcing andrius3 into player!
Forcing andrius3 into spectator!
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:39:13 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '6')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:39:16 +0000] 0 ('GET', '/freezone/ban/status/andrius3/index.json', '')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:39:37 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '6')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:39:43 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '5')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:39:59 +0000] 0 ('GET', '/freezone/ban/status/andrius3/index.json', '')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:40:10 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '6')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:53:59 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '5')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:54:19 +0000] 0 ('GET', '/freezone/ban/status/andrius3/index.json', '')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:54:27 +0000] 0 ('PUT', '/freezone/rules/andrius3/index.json', '6')
[Sat, 07 Dec 2013 18:57:39 +0000] 0 ('GET', '/manialive/version/check/239/index.json', '')
It looks fine.. but then if I change password in freezone.xml , log looks fine too! Does that mean TM web services API doesn't send any response back?

Re: [Plugin]FreeZone Plugin

Posted: 08 Dec 2013, 13:06
by nickutis
I found the problem. It wasn't a problem with freezone port, manialive, xaseco or anything trackmania related.

The reason was my server was using as DNS server, and couldn't resolve

Simple as that, but without real error messages from both plugins it was really hard to find out! :)