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[ML 2] AutoQueue

Post by The_Big_Boo » 14 Dec 2011, 18:12

A new standard plugin to manage a queue of spectators waiting for playing and more, inspired from the (aseco/fast/xaseco) plugin by fuckfish. The main purpose of this plugin is to be used on high ranked servers (eg. RoC servers).


This plugin has several features that can be configured. You should first create an alias to make it easier.

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alias autoqueue = ManiaLivePlugins\Standard\AutoQueue\Config
How many players should be kicked at the end of the match. Note that it concerns only people who played the whole match (also known as newbie protection). Default is 2.

Whether last players will be queued instead of kicked. If there isn't any spectator free place, they'll be kicked anyway. Default is true.

Whether server admins are also concerned by kicking rules. Default is false.

Time in seconds before a player is kicked because of being considered as away from keyboard. Default is 300. A value of 0 disable the feature.

Same than previous setting but for spectators. Queued spectators aren't concerned. Default is 600, a value of 0 disabled it.


Position of the queue window. The window is always horizontally centered on posX. Columns are added automatically when needed. Default is 0 for posX and -40 for posY.

It is available in the standard plugins r304 and needs at least ManiaLive2 r284
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