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TM Canyon Damage Car

Posted: 20 Sep 2017, 17:30
by Ciberytmo
Hello to all. :D
My name is Valter.
My problem is that damages to my car in TMCanyon are permanently activated.
I entered the editor / auto paint / in the menu by pressing M
here it's all set to no, but I keep seeing the damage to the car.
I tried going from Profile / Templates and Menus but did not change anything.
I also saw that any change I make by ticking "yes" does not seem to be considered.
After changing some of the items and leaving the menu, when I come back I find it all off again and the damage to the machine is always visible.
Am I mistaken the steps to neutralize the damage or is it a bug?
Is it because I customized the car with stickers created by me?
Can some players help me? :thumbsup:
PS: My English is bad I'm Italian and I use the translator so be simple in the answers. I apologize for my English and thank you! :)