[CTD] Updated Lagoon maps make game hang and crash to desktop

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[CTD] Updated Lagoon maps make game hang and crash to desktop

Post by eyebo » 04 Mar 2018, 06:32

Take an old Lagoon map from May/June 2017 with a mesh modeler item in it.
Open the map in the map editor.
Edit a sign.
Save the map.
Try to open map in single play or on a server.
GPU usage jumps to 100% for a while. Game freezes. And then crash to desktop.

Here's some crashlogs:

It happens when trying to load these maps (both were edited and saved today):
KO9_-_Lagoon_-_Set_1.Map.Gbx (validated)
KO9_-_Castelia.Map.Gbx (validated)

Here's the original map files saved in May and June 2017:
KO9_-_Lagoon_-_Set_1.Map.Gbx (not validated)
KO9_-_Castelia.Map.Gbx (validated)

The "KO9 - Castelia" map was played today during an MX Knockout in the Lagoon title. The map is originally from June 2017. I had edited Castelia and changed the signs to a different signpack. During the competition almost all players' games hung and eventually disconnected and crashed. The server itself didn't crash.
[2018/03/03 23:09:33] Loading map KO9 - Castelia.Map.Gbx (nG7MgTukB4vOv6H8reA7nnZ8I93)...
[2018/03/03 23:09:33] ...Load succeeds
[2018/03/03 23:09:34] Starting Match...
[2018/03/03 23:09:34] ...Synchronization
[2018/03/03 23:09:49] Disconnection of eyohna
[2018/03/03 23:09:50] Disconnection of snake55wildcat
[2018/03/03 23:09:53] ...Play
[2018/03/03 23:09:57] Disconnection of oldbard
[2018/03/03 23:10:07] Disconnection of hanno.nl
[2018/03/03 23:10:12] Disconnection of etc
[2018/03/03 23:10:20] Disconnection of taxon
[2018/03/03 23:10:25] Connection of a new spectator: snake55wildcat
[2018/03/03 23:10:27] Disconnection of tgyoshi
[2018/03/03 23:10:32] Connection of a new spectator: hanno.nl
[2018/03/03 23:10:36] Disconnection of whosstiz
[2018/03/03 23:10:39] Connection of a new spectator: oldbard
[2018/03/03 23:10:43] Connection of a new spectator: taxon
[2018/03/03 23:10:48] Disconnection of snake55wildcat
[2018/03/03 23:10:55] Disconnection of st_kousseau
[2018/03/03 23:10:59] Connection of a new spectator: tgyoshi
[2018/03/03 23:11:02] Disconnection of oldbard
[2018/03/03 23:11:04] Disconnection of imokilli1234
[2018/03/03 23:11:04] Disconnection of eyebo
[2018/03/03 23:11:06] Disconnection of boxmacx
[2018/03/03 23:11:10] Disconnection of tgyoshi
[2018/03/03 23:11:10] Disconnection of lars1998
[2018/03/03 23:11:17] Disconnection of taxon
[2018/03/03 23:11:32] Connection of a new spectator: snake55wildcat
[2018/03/03 23:11:33] Disconnection of sd.marius89
[2018/03/03 23:11:34] Connection of a new spectator: boxmacx
[2018/03/03 23:11:37] Connection of a new spectator: whosstiz
[2018/03/03 23:11:39] Connection of a new spectator: taxon
[2018/03/03 23:12:01] Disconnection of snake55wildcat
[2018/03/03 23:12:06] Disconnection of taxon
[2018/03/03 23:12:13] Disconnection of scavfan
[2018/03/03 23:12:18] ...Finish
[2018/03/03 23:12:18] ...Exit
[2018/03/03 23:12:18] Loading map KO9 - Chocolate Milk.Map.Gbx
3 players were able to remain on the server. CakeSmurf, ToffeSmurf, and PindaPixel. I'm not sure what made them different and able to handle the map.

I noticed the same issue on the "KO9 - Lagoon - Set 1" map which was a work in progress map of mine from May 2017. I finally got around to finishing it today. When I loaded the map in single player, game froze for a while and then crashed.

I don't know if it's relevant, but both maps have mesh modeler items that were created when the maps were first made. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the mesh modeler item from "KO9 - Lagoon - Set 1", except in the map itself. I'd have to check with Snake55wildcat to see if he has the item he used on "KO9 - Castelia". If it'd be helpful, I'll check with him.
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Re: [CTD] Updated Lagoon maps make game hang and crash to desktop

Post by niebo26 » 05 Mar 2018, 12:36

Hello eyebo !

Seeing the crashlogs, there are high probabilities that it's indeed linked with the items made in the mesh modeler.
To confirm that, if these items were made before the last February update (i mean by that that they weren't edited since then), then the issue is there : the items lightmaps are messed up and the only way to fix them is to open the mesh modeler (either from the item editor from the map editor or from the item editor from the title menu) with said item and quit to update them.
I hope this will fix everything and sorry for the inconvenience.

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