[MP4.1][BUG] Water Trails too big

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[MP4.1][BUG] Water Trails too big

Post by Ozon » 16 Dec 2018, 21:44

I couldn't find any report on this quickly, which might explain why this hasn't been fixed yet:

The water trails are too big and appear from a too high distance (car <-> water) already. Pictures:


The trails already appear from a distance that doesn't make sense.


Then, they are also way too big since MP4.1. You can see how the first visible trail beginning looks OK in size, but then gradually gets bigger (as in way too big).


Another picture of this bug.

This is valid for all environments.

Hope to see this fixed soon.

sorry for the inconvenient image links; I saved the images in UHD and realized later that I couldn't embed them :cry:
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Re: [MP4.1][BUG] Water Trails too big

Post by Demented » 17 Dec 2018, 17:56

I partially agree with that however; I like the water trails being a little more aggressive than they were but think making them appear at a distance behind the car equal to the height of the car above water and with the effect scaled down also based on the height of the car. (With the scale being equal to 0.0 at a height about where your car is in your first picture and a scale of 1.0 with the car just above the water.
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