[MP4.1][BUG] Water reflections with low texture quality

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[MP4.1][BUG] Water reflections with low texture quality

Post by Ozon » 16 Dec 2018, 21:58

I reported this already in MP4.

When having all settings maxed out and big maps loaded, my texture quality - especially in water reflections - degrades a lot.

All ingame settings are set to high (water reflections, too - antisotropic filtering 16x everywhere - except for ingame motion blur).

Also I noticed that my water geometry has gone somewhere. Before I took all these screenshots I loaded a replay with a lot of cars. (I'll investigate further).


It might be an optimization thing - totally understand it's there in place to maximize performance for the non-video creators. If so, please let the content creator portion of the game have the possibility to have real maxed out settings for our renders. Thanks for your consideration.

And cheers for your hard work. :thx:
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Re: [MP4.1][BUG] Water reflections with low texture quality

Post by Lars98 » 16 Dec 2018, 22:03

How it looks like for me for more data

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