[MP4.1] ManiaPlanet freezes for 1+ minute with an undo while editing a map with an important amount of blocks

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[MP4.1] ManiaPlanet freezes for 1+ minute with an undo while editing a map with an important amount of blocks

Post by Harest » 18 Feb 2019, 00:11


Another issue i saw for the first time with the Nameless Track rpg map.
I was trying to see how the invisible blocks were managed in the first place*, then i placed a block, ctrl+z to undo it and ManiaPlanet froze for so long i though it crashed. I was going to kill the process when MP responded again. From what Maxi031 told me : "yes the more blocks you have on your map undo functions becomes slower and slower". The answer of his author was : "And yeah undo, takes a while though not quite 2 minutes for me. For me personally thats not a big problem, i got used to avoiding undo already in TM1 (actually the game would crash there often if you used blockmixing and then undo, so even worse).".

I posted it in bug reports because it may be interesting to see if this could be somehow fixed. It's not an isolated issue, easily reproducible and maybe performances here can be improved in the code when an undo is done. That's the purpose of my post. It's already a colossal task to do such a map, so i can barely imagine the struggle that this issue can be.

I'd also like to put in there a somehow related request that you apparently got a while ago : Could you implement a special material that is only visible in edit mode ?
When you see the good usages that were made of the invisible blocks in some passages of Nameless Track, it opens up a lot of possibilities scenery-wise. Unfortunately, even atm the usage of invisible blocks (integrated in the RPG TP) is far from easy. You can't easily see how a block is placed (which orientation) except by testing after placing a block, or using the macro-selection.

*The author told me he used blocks he couldn't select once placed afterwards, it was before invisible blocks were integrated inside the RPG TP.

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