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Replays limit of 1:40:16.20

Posted: 30 Nov 2019, 02:45
by Harest

I recently saw a run of 9h38 being saved in ShootMania Obstacle of SBVille on Solexium (again congrats to this madman). While opening it in-game was quite a challenge, it was fully working and i was surprised since in TrackMania² we're way more limited.

The issue is probably known for a long long time now but i didn't find much on the forum so i'm posting this thread just to report that when you open a replay in the replay editor for instance, the replay block will never be longer than 1:40:16.20. The inputs seem to not be recorded anymore a bit before that time. It'd be nice to fix that issue. If you need a replay that long, i uploaded one on the first Trial map i tried not too long ago, Afterworld.