[Recruiting] 「ฟธズ」- Wolves Street™

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[Recruiting] 「ฟธズ」- Wolves Street™

Post by MEWPASCO » 29 Jan 2020, 00:36

If you search for a fresh, young but active Trackmania Team, the 「ฟธズ」- Wolves Street™ might be something for you!
> We provide fast Technik Support > Examples - [made by one of the both leader]

- You can find us in Trackmania Nations/United/2 [aka Maniaplanet >> Every Envi]
- Multilingual Server/Team [every Nation/Language is welcome]
- We're not searching for any Skill level, so if you declare yourself as a noob, you're as well welcome
- A Tag with different colors >> YOU decide which colors you want ;D
- As well some more stuff I won't list here, otherwise you gonna read a mass of things you never asked for :3

Let's make this to something special!
Hope to see you soon,

Invite to our Discord Server

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